Last night, over a course of a couple hours as I was working on the computer, I had a text conversation with another like-minded law enforcement supervisor. All the while, my Facebook feed was post after post about the 7 law enforcement officers from around the country killed within a week of the first fallen officer, Seaside Police Sgt. Jason Goodding, about 1 1/2 hours away from me. First off, I am not writing to criticize anyone. In conversations, I am the first to point out that I think Law Enforcement eats their own. It is bad enough there are groups who instantly criticize us just for the fact that we wear a badge. Yet, as soon as a Youtube video hits or a new story breaks on the 5 O'clock news, our thin blue line starts talking at training classes, on social media posts, you name it, condemning the officer on how we can't believe they did "this" or why didn't they do "that". These are the same officers who should understand from their own experiences and training, things... Read more →

On Business Be bold and take chances. Boldness will never replace skills, but boldness and skills can help create opportunity. Don’t take unnecessary risks, but do step outside your comfort zone. The old adage is true “Nothing ventured; nothing gained”. It can pay to be first, so always look for the shot to be first. Learn your subject matter better than anyone else. Don’t just learn it, but practice and polish your delivery. There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Weaker men may not be able to tell the difference; ensure you do. My clients are all adults and like to be treated as adults and with respect. You choose your clients; you have to know what direction you want to go and who you want as a client. My career in the United States Air Force was the same as many others; the difference was in my approach and application. USAF Service I entered the USAF in 1988 as a Security Policeman/Security Specialist. I was trained in Industrial Security, Air Base Ground Defense, and Anti-Terrorism. I qualified with... Read more →

A question was asked recently to the effect of “What is a good IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) for me to get?” In all honesty that is as loaded of a question as “What rifle should I get?” I say this because there are a bunch of variables that will significantly impact the answer. These include but aren’t limited to: What is it for? Is it to carry in classes or on the range? Or is it to be ready for a roll over motor vehicle accident?” For the purposes of this article I’ll assume it is for shooting classes and trips to the range. What is your level of formal Medical Training? I try not to be an elitist asshole about this but listen, YOUTUBE is NOT a source of formal training, nor are many of the courses taught by “Shooting” instructors who may not have any real training on the topics themselves. The bottom line is that your kit needs to contain items that YOU are 100% comfortable using. What is your budget? I understand that quality Medical... Read more →

DTG: 120220DFEB13 (Northeastern Afghanistan) This world would appear completely alien to the average man or woman; it is enveloped fully in a dark haze of greens and greys and there is an incessant high-pitched whining noise that prevents any semblance of normal speech communication. Upon the cold air there is a smell of petroleum mixed with dust and metal. You look up to see the MH60M crew chief turn and hold up both of his gloved hands. With spread fingers he yells “TEN MINUTES!!!” ……..The doors of the aircraft slide open inviting in a torrent of bitterly cold air that immediately creates a burning sensation on your face as you slide forward into the open door and let your legs hang in the 138mph wind. The fast rope bars get extended with the thick braided ropes coiled in their release straps. The crew chief taps you on the shoulder and you look up to see the signal for “SIX MINUTES!!”……. You check your equipment from head to toe, ending with a final ch eck of your short nylon tie-in; followed... Read more →


I thought that I would share this. Nothing like learning from your own mistakes. This is intended for "food for thought". Yesterday, Sunday 01/18/15, I was providing some security at a church event. My wife and I took separate cars to church. I drove my unmarked police vehicle and she drove our personal SUV. On the SUV, I had a sticker representing the police association that I belong to. Yes, it was for those times that I may have gotten pulled over for speeding.....:). Well, as my wife was going home from church, she noticed a piece of crap biker dude a few cars behind. He caught up to her and started looking into our vehicle. He had full tats on the knuckles and tear drops under the eyes, riding the standard hog. He spent some time looking at the police related sticker that was on the left side of the rear window. He did not pass but decided to slow up and parallel my wife's driver's side window. As she looked at him, he pulled down the bandana that... Read more →

Every year during this season I examine what happened during the year, how the industry and gun community have changed, and what I as a business man, leader, and thinker, should do as a result. After a careful study of the industry and our position therein, 2015 will see us narrow our focus. Our company focus will shift from an online retailer to a manufacturer. Most of what we will offer for sale we will be the ones making it. We will be eliminating many products that are available "everywhere". The Amazon factor is not something we want anything to do with, thus as we delve deeper into 2015, you will see mostly Suarez-made gear in the store. And nothing we make, nor sell to our dealers, will ever be sold on the discount scene....sole source and that is the way it will always be. We will not be the cheapest...nor will price be the over riding factor in anything. To the contrary, while we will seek to keep price points reasonable, the goal is excellence and quality. We know... Read more →

SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL'S - THE CHOIRBOY One of the common threads in any group of men that goes into harm's way is a decompression and debriefing session. This is where everyone chills out, the cold beers come out, and there is a heart to heart discussion on what happened and how to do it better the next time. Jokingly referred to as "choir practice", these were hardly spiritual group hug singing sessions, but instead, think of it as a group "high five" with an emphasis on how to kill the bad guys better the next time. Sometimes, depending on the events of the night, we drank our cold beers in silence...nothing else to be said. There was no rank at these events, often handled after hours in the parking lot of the station. The name of these "killer encounter sessions" came from a book by Joseph Wambaugh titled The Choirboys. In honor of those long ago days we present The Choirboy. It is, a bottle opener intended to crack a beer in style. As a bottle opener it can go anywhere... Read more →