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1. High level of marksmanship ability via Skill and Equipment 2. High level of applied tactics and concepts via proper and complete force on force indoctrination and associated disciplines 3. Complete understanding and internalizing of real world ROE via memorization and daily exercise of the Flowchart of Justified Deadly Force 4. Gentleman Warrior self-image that sets the stage for the requisite mental attitude, and simplifies action. Have those four...really have them, and any active shooter (crazy guy or jihadist) that targets anyplace you happen to be standing, is in far more danger from you, than you are from him. Read more →

I remember Venezuela when it was one of the most prosperous countries in South America. It's demise began with Chavez (an avowed anti-American communist), and it has continued on the downward spiral common for communist nations. It is likely a matter of a few weeks before the cancer of communism is removed by force of a civil war there, with a multitude of lost lives. That is always how it goes. Communism is brought in by the naive and the impressionable, as well as the lazy and the free-loaders of the world with their hate of those more clever and more hard-working than they are. It is all very interesting, the actual value of mob-democracy when the masses can all decide unanimously to bring in the mechanism of their country's own demise. It is one thing to be invaded and subjugated by an outside and unwelcomed force. But quite another to do it to yourself. We may feel sorry for the victim that is thrown off a cliff by an assailant, but what can we say of someone that jumps... Read more →


Every culture has its symbols. The Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Memorial. In the south, we see the various memorials to the men who fought the War of Northern Aggression - known elsewhere as the US Civil War. In France, one of these is the Notre Dame cathedral. I have been in many churches and cathedrals in my travels, many which predate Columbus' birth. They are an ongoing and enduring symbol of Europe and by extension America, and the entire line of western civilization. The sense of history and timelessness is indescribable when you walk on the grounds of a 1000 year old church. One of the tenets of Communism is to destroy the symbols of the culture you wish to overthrow. But the same can be said for the Islamic Invasion in Europe. Recall when the Taliban destroyed the Buddhist Statues in Afghanistan? Most won't...but the goal was not a new parking lot...the goal was the eradication of any vestiges of a competing culture. And with the west's continuing historical illiteracy, some of only things that... Read more →

KILLING WITHIN THE LAW NOVEMBER 2-3, 2019 - PRESCOTT, AZ Instructor: Gabriel Suarez CLASS IS HELD AT SUAREZ HQ AND LIMITED TO TWELVE ATTENDEES Suarez International is pleased to this class. You have learned to use your service pistol with excellent accuracy and speed, now learn to use your words with equal skill of eloquence and expression. This class is a hard and fast presentation of the concepts in the original class as well as pertinent topics from the Interview And Investigation Management Class. By keeping the group small, we will be able to study the Flowchart in depth as well as offer role playing exercises that focus on the investigation that takes place after a use of force incident. You will learn what words to use as well as methods of articulating what happened. Through an incredibly honest, first-hand, “been there-done that” instructor-led discussion the participant will gain a personalized and in-depth knowledge of the process of a use of force, deadly or otherwise, investigation. And most importantly how to manage the interview and subsequent investigation to your benefit.... Read more →

These are things that have been accepted as truth because they have been said so often. The problem is that many of those repeating these things have no first hand knowledge and so they repeat what they have heard as if they knew firsthand. A myth repeated often enough becomes a widely held belief...almost a religious belief. yet, it is still a myth, and myths are not truth. Myth Number One - The presence of the gun is all you need, so have a gun. Having a gun is a good thing, but it is actually less important than your willingness to use it, your ability to use it well, and your understanding of the dynamics of the fight. The man with a gun who has no ability in its use, no understanding of the dynamics of the fight nor come to terms with using it to kill another man, will die with it still in the holster. Or worse, will over react from a fear-driven perspective. Myth Number Two - It is all about shooting skills. Very few "shooting... Read more →