There is a difference and the two applications are not the same at all.  Some perspective is in order.  If your goal is gunsport, then enjoy yourself, but understand that it is not gunfighting.  Some sportsmen may feel upset at me saying that, but they should not.  Just as Olympic fencing is not knife fighting, and NASCAR is not PSD driving, one has to honest with himself.  The problem is that when one tries to interject the weapons intended for sport, or the methods intended for sport into a real world application, those likely to fail with the expected results.  So an essay in images -

Image result for police patrolling with a shotgun

These guys are on their way to kill bad guys.

Image result for duck hunter with shotgun

This guy is on his way to find a duck.

Image result for marine with a shotgun

This soldier is shooting a terrorist.

Related image

This guy is shooting a clay

Image result for LA riots shotgun

This man is protecting his store from looters.

They are different pursuits with different tools.  There may be some slight parallels, but just as these gunfighters would not prevail in a gun game with rules and special guns organized to give a sporting advantage, the sports guns and gunners would not prevail in a gunfight either.  Choose your pursuit, then choose your tools...then train accordingly.