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-Suarez International Staff Instructor Jon Payne So I ask myself, “Where did all this begin?” How does one become a gunfighter? First and foremost one has to recognize the need for self-preservation. There are people that will never willingly cause harm to another living creature. I can deal with that and even accept it as long as they don’t portray themselves to be something they’re not. Don’t come at me with the judgmental moral high ground B.S., back in the days of caves and big sticks you would be mine. Want a glimpse of that cave man behavior? Look no further than the prison system. If you can’t fight and protect what’s yours, your possessions and your dignity will be taken unless you have something to offer of value to someone who can protect you. If you’re reading this you’ve probably made the decision that you are willing to fight for what is yours. The way I see it, if it’s not worth fighting for is it really worth having? Coming to the realization that only you are responsible for... Read more →

-Jon Payne Suarez International Staff Instructor I have a lot of training dedicated to tactical movement. With that being said, what I trained on in the military did not always cross over to my career in law enforcement. As a civilian with a Concealed Handgun License not all of my law enforcement training applies to daily carry. The majority of the civilian training world follows whatever the current police and military trends are. As a matter of fact, many of the current trainers; including myself, have a law enforcement and/or military background. While having a background in the military and law enforcement can give instructor’s credibility-the civilian firearms instructor is not training soldiers and cops for the most part, they’re training civilians. What’s the difference between training soldiers, cops, and civilians? Soldiers kill enemy soldiers and take and hold real-estate. Cops search for, find, and arrest bad guys. When a cop uses a firearm it’s to stop the threat, whether it’s self-protection or protection of others. In the United States cops are not soldiers. Civilians with a Concealed Handgun License... Read more →