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-Suarez International Staff Instructor Jon Payne The best gunfight is the one you can avoid. If you can’t avoid it, you’re most likely to be reacting to someone else starting the fight. Especially if you have to use a pistol to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones, your actions are likely to be both reactive and done at very close range. The words I hear most often when describing lethal encounters is how fast they start and with little warning. Today’s handguns are not meant to be used at Camp Perry matches; they’re designed to get the bad guy off you now! You can practice using two hands and the modern isosceles, but when bullets have to be put on the bad guy chances are you won’t have the luxury of getting into a perfect stance, seeing a sharp sight picture, and experiencing the “surprise break”. Some fundamentals will be sacrificed when shooting at mouth wash distances. Your stance will be less than optimal since you should be on the move or because you’re actually in... Read more →