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- Suarez International Staff Instructor Jon Payne I have been asked many times, “What classes should I take next"? If you’re reading this there is a good chance you’ve gone through all the steps to acquire a handgun, obtained your CHL (if needed), bought quality concealment gear, and you’re ready to take a basic course such as Defensive Pistol Skills (DPS). DPS is where it all begins. DPS introduces you to the fundamentals of marksmanship, basic weapon manipulation/gun handling skills, and immediate action. DPS also cultivates the Fighting Spirit or Warrior Mindset. By completing DPS you now have the same skills that are taught to police cadets and members of the military that are issued a sidearm. You should have confidence in your sidearm and your abilities to keep it in the fight. DPS is what I call a very good start. With a solid foothold with your fundamentals you’re ready to start learning. So what’s next? Close Range Gunfighting (CRG) is Suarez International’s flagship course and an intermediate class. In order to attend this class you have to know... Read more →