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Greg Nichols, Suarez International Staff instructor First we must look at the two words as defined by Webster. Dynamic: (1): of or relating to physical force or energy: energetic, forceful Movement: A = (1): the act or process of moving; especially: change of place or position or posture (2): a particular instance or manner of moving B = (1): a tactical or strategic shifting of a military unit: maneuver (2): the advance of a military unit So if we are looking at this topic of dynamic movement in the context of a gun fight what can we take away for Mr. Webster? The action, weather exploding off the X, seeking cover, returning fire, breaking contact, or advancing on the enemy needs to be fast, forceful, aggressive, decisive, and deliberate. Fire needs to be accurate, continuous, and vicious, we’re not spraying rounds all willy-nilly hoping to hit something. Let’s break this down. If you watch any movies or cop shows you’re probably aware of the Groucho walk, the bent kneed, heel to toe, awkward fashion of movement. There is a purpose... Read more →