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The Shotgun - Force Multiplier for Civilian Small Unit Tactics- Part II – Integration of the Shotgun for Ambush Patrols

J D Lester Suarez International Staff Instructor An ambush is a surprise attack from a concealed position on a moving or temporarily halted target. Could four or five people lay down by a trail or road and fire a bunch of bullets simultaneously at a group of bad guys walking or driving along? You might very well pull it off…..then again it might not go so well for you. What could you do to enhance your survivability? Branching off into some tactics, techniques, and procedures study is needed here. Two handy references for operations of this nature are SH-21-76 and FM-7-8. When used as designed, they provide an excellent guideline and a look at the Ambush from a military perspective. Previously I talked about the tradeoffs associated with the configuration of our Fighting Shotguns. Now we must discuss the tradeoffs we will face tactically. After a quick read of the above listed references you will see that setting up and conducting a successful ambush can be more complex than one might think; it can also be as simple as you... Read more →