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The Shotgun – Force Multiplier for Civilian Small Unit Tactics – Parting Shots

J D Lester Suarez International Staff Instructor The previous articles on the use of the shotgun in Civilian Small Unit Tactics covered a range of considerations for this niche weapon. We discussed capacity, action types, tube fed vs magazine fed and also where / how the shotgun might best be employed. Net, the shotgun is a force multiplier that can complement the Civilian Warfighter. Skill Sets and Knowledge: Seeking out the knowledge to run the action type you have chosen at its highest level of performance should be fist on the list. Knowing how your shotgun will pattern at all ranges with a variety of different loads, the maximum effective range, and the effects on targets and barriers you may encounter, is critical. How much and what type ammo you should carry and how you should carry it is mission dependent and will change. Be ready for change so that it is seamless. Maintaining your shotgun: Time should be allotted for conducting routine weapons maintenance and inspecting your shotgun prior to each mission, dry function check at the minimum, and... Read more →