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Catchy name don't you think? No, TSD is not going to make or sell clothing. Tried that when we sold Woolrich and 5.11 and it is too much drama for what it is worth. The matter at hand arose this last weekend when we held the Small Unit Tactics class in Kingman, AZ. We had twenty guys attending. Some wore the very popular and effective Multicam camouflage. A couple of guys wore some derivatives of MARPAT, ACU, and various other "Green" camo. And we had several that were wearing civilian outdoor clothing, but in what I would term "muted earth tones". These were various shades of drab green, gray, brown and tan. Nothing blue or red - nothing white or black. And the tans were more brown than they were not "light". This is not Urban camo to blend into groups. The objective is to sport a drab colored image based on shades of grey, brown, green, tan. Nothing blue...nothing red...nor any derivatives such as bluish grey or pinkish salmon. The idea is that the clothes blend into the... Read more →

"Keep your finger off the trigger until you've made a conscious decision to shoot." Most of you know this rule. Simple, right? It's certainly a simple concept, and it's easy to have good trigger finger discipline in an air-conditioned square range. (I should hope so - working the trigger is mostly all you're doing!) But maintaining trigger finger discipline on command…without fail…during stressful situations is harder than most people realize. It doesn't matter how great a shooter you are – there are plenty of excellent marksmen whose trigger discipline goes in the toilet the moment they are exposed to more stressful situations. Imagine participating in a rifle class. You will be learning new skills and moving in ways that may be unfamiliar to you. You may be turning and running in different directions, performing actions where your muzzle will not always be pointed downrange. Dropping to the deck into prone, shooting, jumping up, and running 20 yards before dropping down to do it again – these are athletic activities that tax your ability to maintain discipline and focus. There is... Read more →

If you can avoid taking a crucial shot from standing, do so. It is the least accurate position. Nonetheless, it should be the most trained for that very reason, and because when the shot must be taken right now, as in the snap shot, the standing will be the only one you can use fast enough. And by fast enough I am not referring to a CQB shooting but rather a shot at someone 100 yards away. The goal here is not recoil control, or tight arc of target traverse, but rather seeking as much stability as possible for the shot under a self-imposed time interval. If you have time, you generally have other things you can do. The support hand does not grasp the cradles it, allowing for as much bone support as possible. Here is a perfect Standing Offhand Position by Suarez Staff Instructor Eric Pfleger. Eric is shown taking shots at 1000 yards on an IPSC steel silohuette. He did this at a Guerrilla Sniper class not just once, but a number of times in succession.... Read more →