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The method most basic, for using a Night Vision Monocular in conjunction with a handgun goes like this. Hold the monocular in your support side hand and bring it up to your non-dominant eye. How close will be up to you, but understand that there is a glow given off by the unit and holding too far away will not only illuminate your face but also reduce your visual acuity through the unit. Adjust the optic so you can hold it as close as possible. This will remain in place as you move through the area. It is suggested that you attach a neck lanyard so that if you needed both hands free you could drop it on the lanyard and instantly be able to operate whatever you needed with the support hand without loss of the unit. When moving, you can bring the pistol into a compressed ready such as SUL, or a modification of SUL. This allows you to move efficiently without excessive exertion, or projection of the pistol into unknown areas. The main point to remember is... Read more →

The city had been stalked by a rapist. This guy was good. We thought he was an ex-military guy or an ex-cop. He left no physical evidence, and managed to hit every night for the last ten days regardless of how many units had been deployed to the area and how many days off had been cancelled.But it was not hard to avoid those “high profile” patrols. They drove around giving a very good, and loud, rendition of the “illusion of security”. That was the modern administration’s answer to violence – to look like you were really trying hard until the bad guy got tired and went away .I had been out on foot in the alley. One of those coincidences of happenstance and good preparation I suppose. There had been a call of a suspicious person, right where I was on foot. Initially, I thought a resident had seen me moving through the alley. I had a plain black raid jacket with the “POLICE” lettering sufficiently and purposely worn off so it covered all the shiny bullshit I was... Read more →

A discussion about zeroing the M4 will get as heated as which type of motorcycle is best...or what religion will get you saved soonest. Nonetheless, here we go. The first thing to consider is what are you trying to hit? A zero suitable for hitting clay birds on a hillside at distance may not be the best one for hitting men. And one for hitting men in a close urban area may be different than one for hitting then way across the canyon. We need to consider two things. One consideration is what is the actual target zone, and the other is what can you see of it? Our focus here is personal combat so the target is a man. Simple enough. Although others may disagree a man has two distinct target zones connected in the middle. Think face and chest, with a connecting zone at the neck. Nobody teaches shooting at the neck because if you do that you may as well shoot them in the face, but take it from me...shooting a man in the neck - even... Read more →