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By JD Lester – Suarez International Staff Instructor Previously I wrote on the techniques for individual movement that we might be required to use during rural patrolling. I will expand on some of the factors that affect IMT as well as some other points of consideration in this article. Volume and Effectiveness of Enemy Fire - IMT is not always used due to volume and effectiveness of enemy fire. It can be used both reactive and also proactive, I covered the reactive use in the last article so this time we will concern ourselves with the proactive use of the techniques. A few examples of proactively using IMT are listed below: We have seen the bad guys first and want to initiate the contact so we simply go prone and high crawl to a more advantageous position with less chance of our movement attracting attention. This will work equally well if we decide to "let’m pass" and do not become decisively engaged. If we are going to occupy a surveillance or ambush position we do not want to silhouette ourselves... Read more →