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Being - Tactically and Practically - Prepared By Ted Demosthenes, Suarez International Instructor You’ve just finished lunch on Day One of your class with Suarez International. With your busy work-week behind you, the trip down to Phoenix went well, including the airport check-in adventure of dealing with the ticket agent, airline paper-work, other passenger’s raised eyebrows, the TSA’s inconsistent packed-weapon practices, and the ever-enjoyable trip through the “security” check point. The weather’s mild, the range is great, and the class members are friendly and experienced. The morning has been spent doing admin, safety briefings and class conduct, a thorough review of principle skills, and a gear check to see what everyone was carrying and if it appears adequate for the course (remember the gear list in the course description?). The instructors are evaluating each shooter’s level of preparation for the course and, after some warm-up with dry practice, the class proceeds to initial live fire from contact ready. You’ve come to class with your new 9mm pistol, an appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) holster, mag pouch, 4 mags, and the... Read more →