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One question we often get is the proper position of the front hand in rifle shooting. We always answer that it depends. Not the answer the student is looking for, but the right answer since the placement of that front hand depends on what you are trying to do. In this post I will discuss those macros of application and where the front hand will need to go for the best physical advantage. First we must understand that the rifle is a very tactically flexible weapon that can be pressed into a myriad of roles from close range CQB to extreme outer distances...and with the same rifle. Because the majority of competition, or training classes may focus on the easily administered CQB aspects does not mean that is all there is. Longer Ranges - Positional Shooting: The focus here is not on rapidity of fire, nor controlling muzzle flip. Rather, engaging a longer distance target, the goal is to provide for as much bone support as possible. Think of a sitting position like the one shown at left. The perfect... Read more →