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The firearms industry is strange in that it often becomes a cult of personality. Think of WWE but with gun people and you get the idea. This is specially the case if one is involved in the training world. I recall one of my mentors in the teaching world - we will call him Marc. He was a member of LAPD's SIS, as well as a great pistol instructor. He told me that you always had to be good because many students came to class not only expecting to see you fail, but to celebrate your failure. He was talking about the police training world, but the truth is he was unknowingly making a commentary about western society. There are those in society that not only like to see others fail, but they delight in the scene. You will see far more "Epic Fail" videos on Facebook and Youtube than you will of excellent performances. Much of this is endemic to those with safe quiet lives whose faces have never been, as Roosevelt wrote, "marred by dust and sweat and... Read more →