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One thing that differentiates us from many others in the gun world is that we never think something is "good enough". rather, we look at something and study if it can be made better and then attempt to do so. We have been studying this concept for some time now. The idea of a compensated carry weapon is not a new one and dates back to the mid 1980s and early 1990s. The most prolific of the so-called "Carry Comps" were those by Paul Liebenberg. He had done quite a few for the S&W Custom Shop as I recall and some well funded officers carried them on duty for many years. Later Wilson Combat adopted the concept and still makes them to this day. The compensated pistol was despised by Cooper and his disciples, much in the same way that red dot Glocks are seen as some sort of alien satanic cult by the iron sight tribe today. But technology cannot be suppressed...specially not today. So first, what is the "Comp" intended to fix? Its not so much "recoil", but... Read more →