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October 2015

DTG: 021730COCT17 (Navlya River Russia) The old engine putters sickeningly as it propels the equally well-aged wooden craft through the dark winding waters of the Navlya River 35km north of the Ukraine Russian border; the afternoon is late and the cloudy overcast sky makes it even darker. You and your partner sit in the bow of the 12 foot long boat observing the thick forest that lines the banks your infiltration route. You see some activity on the bank in the distance but cannot determine what it is. Just as you are reaching into your rucksack for a small set of field glasses; you hear your partner say “Oh SHIT!” followed by a series of CRACKS!! and the coppery smell of blood as your partner’s head opens like a melon from the impact of one of the high velocity rounds. Your local guide cranks the throttle and turns the little boat around as the familiar smoke trail of an RPG flies past and detonates on the far bank. The water is alive with the impact of bullets striking the surface... Read more →