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The problem with the MOS pistols, and the CORE, and all other imminent introductions of the same concept by other major manufacturers is this. Their main objective is not to present the most efficient method of mounting a red dot sight to a handgun. To the contrary, it is to offer a platform that will appeal to everyone that wants to do so. So rather than design the system to accept a Trijicon RMR, or A Leupold Deltapoint Pro, exclusively, they all compromised in the mounting system to be all things to all shooters. The reason for that is certainly not because it is better. It is not better. The reason was to sell more pistols. I get calls all the time about putting a low cost sight on slides. I politely tell them that we do not do that because not all red dot sights are created equal and not all of them are suitable for a handgun. And to design a handgun to accept all of them…even the cheap or unsuitable ones, may be a wise marketing move... Read more →

Back in the 1980s the triggers on SIGs and Berettas and S&Ws were heavier than today...or maybe we are stronger today. I don't know. I came to the DA Semi Auto from the DA Revolver so the first shot was not a big deal to me. One rolled through the trigger in one continual and constant motion on the way out and the shot broke just as the last sight verification was made. But we did work on those DA triggers quite a bit both in dry work and in the gunsmith shop. I tracked down a relatively unknown 'smith named Steve Deladio who ran the Armory at Long Beach Uniforms. He tuned my S&W 686 to ridiculous smoothness and when I used the S&W 5906 I did the same. Steve gave it a fantastic double action pull that could be rolled through like the best revolvers. I never knew that the first shot was so "difficult", or that the transition from double action to single action was such a "problem" until I attended Gunsite and was told as much.... Read more →

We have been working with these for a few weeks now. I have been carrying one daily on my Glock 17 to get a first hand idea of the advantages and liabilities of the units. Specifically I am referring to the Trijicon Dual Illuminated RMRs: The RM03, 04, 05, and 08. These have 13 MOA, 7 MOA, 9 MOA and 12.9 Triangle respectively. I am referring as well to the Amber Dot units and not to the Green Dot units. The green do units require a pinkish hue to the glass and we will discuss those later. The Dual Illuminated units have a plastic strip along the top of the RMR that acts as a fiber optic collecting available light to power the dot. It is also powered by a tritium element that ostensibly will last ten years or more. These do not require any batteries and that is both where the advantage and liability lies. It is an advantage because all one need do is install it on their slide and run it unconcerned about batteries for years. This... Read more →

First the plan. 1). THE LIABILITY-FOCUSED PLAN: If you like alone, the threat level is low (a couple of urban thugs vs. an ISIS hit team), your skill dedication is low, and your plan is to hunker down and call 911 - then get a shotgun with at least a 4 round magazine shoot it once a year and hope for the best. If its been a really long time since you have lifted anything but a chicken leg on the way to your mouth and have to use those velcro shoes...get a 20 gauge. 2). THE TACTICAL GUY PLAN: Regardless of where you live, keep a full set of armor plates in a chest rig carrier, festooned with magazines, and a bump helmet with a PVS14 attached right next to your slidefire equipped famous maker PDW with the drum magazine. If they get past the concertina wire and the attack dogs, you go SEAL6 all over their ass. 3). THE MORE LIKELY PLAN: You do not want to be an "average guy" so you have some degree of skills. And whether your family is made up of combatants or bystanders, you take them into consideration. If they are combatants, they have their own weapons...if they are not, you are not going to rely on them...but still have to deal with their presence in the AO. Read more →