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It happens from time to time. I will get a call from a customer whose Trijicon RMR has a flickering dot. Although anything man-made can fail, and Trijicon is good about fixing those that do, by far the most prolific reason for an intermittently failing dot is the battery. We conducted a study and found that the uniformity of thickness on a 2032 CR battery is anything but uniform. Coupled with the "underneath" installation of the battery on the RMR, and the constant movement of the slide, you get a perfect storm. The battery becomes slightly dislodged from the contacts and the dot is lost...but then in the next few shots, it comes back on. Very frustrating to say the least and why so many have begun to investigate other red dot sights such as the Leupold Deltapoint Pro and the Vortex Razor (both of whose batteries load from the top or side). But there is still a factor which places the RMR in an advantageous position and that is its low profile. Loading a battery from the top or... Read more →


A few days later, a clearer picture emerges from Belgium. And when we look at that picture we see the same thing we saw in many other places. We shrug and keep watching Cuban baseball. Sure, there are condemnations of the “tragedy”, and the usual tip-toe about the suspects until the inevitable conclusion is well, inevitable. Here is a brief timeline of events with the pertinent information: 7:55 a.m. (2:55 a.m. ET): Surveillance footage shows three suspected attackers exiting a taxi and pushing luggage trolleys through Brussels Airport. Surveillance captured images of the three suspects. Note: Intelligence sources tell me that the suspects were wearing one single glove with which to handle the baggage. This was suspected as a precaution against static electricity that could actuate the devices, and not a “dead man’s switch”. 7:58 a.m. (2:58 a.m. ET): Gunfire reportedly heard in the departures terminal followed by an explosion. As passengers started running, a second blast erupted just 10 seconds later. Note: We still do not know if the terrorists initiated the event with gunfire or if they were... Read more →

There is no question that red dots on handguns have become prolific. I predicted this would happen when we first began the red dot odyssey in 2009. But like any new technology (new to most), it is extremely misunderstood. I recall many of the same conceptual mistakes made in the early 1990s by those who did not think red dots were a good idea on rifles, and that handguns needed to have all metal parts. Today it is rare to see an all metal handgun in class or on the street, and you would be hard pressed to see an iron sighted M4 in the hands of a police officer or citizen. Progress advances regardless of the resistance its opponents present. So on to the red dot sighting systems this article is about. The red dot pistol actually has three sighting systems that work together, as well as independently of one another. Where guys run into trouble is when they try to use traditional concepts to run these new systems. It is similar to what happened when guys attempted to... Read more →

I recall when Aimpoints first began appearing on rifles in the early 1990s. The resistance from the “traditional” tactics world was incredible. Much the same when the plastic Austrian pistol began gaining prominence. And yet today, you would be hard pressed to see a non- plastic handgun in a police holster or a rifle without some sort of optic. It is called progress and for those that are change averse, progress is a frightening thing because it means that maybe their suppositions about life were not quite perfect. The big one today is the red dot on handguns. I shake my head like Magellan might have when explaining to the church that the earth was not flat as they believed for so long. The anti-red dot rhetoric seems to be increasing with the popularity of the system. One might wonder why that is. I suspect it has to do with the same phenomena that caused the flat earth movement to linger for so long. Those in prominence had so much invested in the flat earth concept that admitting it was... Read more →

SUAREZ L-MOUNT TRIJICON RMR RED DOT BASE Originally titled "Project X", this unit is intended for those wanting the benefits of the cowitnessed red dot, but either not being authorized to modify a "company gun", desiring to leave their original slide intact, or for those not being in a position to afford our Custom Match Slides. The unit is tall enough to clear most suppressors and there are no modifications required to your slide. It mounts in the factory rear sight dovetail just like a traditional rear sight, but an additional contact point using the rear slide cover plate is created, giving an extremely solid and immovable base. Unlike other similar units on the market with integral fixed iron sights, our unit allows for the use of any sights made for the Glock pistol of any height. The unit has capability to accept any sights made for Glock pistols in the correct positions (forward and behind the Trijicon RMR). Unlike other more costly products, the L-Mount allows the iron sights to be zeroed to coincide with the red dot. This... Read more →

Time for a perspective check. Every so often, the temptation returns to us all. It could be the Youtube video with the neckbeard doing something really fast. It could be the competitive shooter running a stage. But the bug nibbles on your earlobe. "Gooooooo fassssssterrrrr". I have my opinions on this. I have read all the old time killers. Askins was the quintessential killer. I read everything about him. I think we would have been the best of friends actually. I have read Jordan. He is reported to have done some killing but nothing of record that I can find. And Bryce...he was quite the killer. What all the killers shared was not speed. Oh gasp...was that another cow on his way to the fire? What the killers shared was not IDPA-like speed. It was a deliberate decision to kill that man standing there in front of them. And while that other man was still saying "Good morning copper", the hero in the story...the Bryces...the Askins, and the Jordans, were already drawing with a resolute mind to kill them. To... Read more →

It seems that lessons need to be continually taught because either they were never learned in the first place, or they were quickly forgotten because they were inconvenient. The topic is pistol lights. They look really cool on the handgun in photos, but lets address why they are there and if they are necessary on every single handgun. I will say that I am concerned about drawing fire by using a light excessively. In fact, if there was no concern over such things, we would simply turn the light on and leave it on as we moved through the problem like they do on TV Cop shows. But nobody wants to do that. I teach to refrain from using the light as much as possible and only use it when necessary. And that "necessary" occurs only when there is doubt about what the target is. We do not need as much "target ID" as the Liability-Mongers would have you believe. For example...if I see a 6 foot tall 200 pound shadow in my home at zero-dark-thirty, I am safe in... Read more →