Time for a perspective check. Every so often, the temptation returns to us all. It could be the Youtube video with the neckbeard doing something really fast. It could be the competitive shooter running a stage. But the bug nibbles on your earlobe.

"Gooooooo fassssssterrrrr".

I have my opinions on this. I have read all the old time killers. Askins was the quintessential killer. I read everything about him. I think we would have been the best of friends actually. I have read Jordan. He is reported to have done some killing but nothing of record that I can find. And Bryce...he was quite the killer.

What all the killers shared was not speed. Oh gasp...was that another cow on his way to the fire?

What the killers shared was not IDPA-like speed. It was a deliberate decision to kill that man standing there in front of them. And while that other man was still saying "Good morning copper", the hero in the story...the Bryces...the Askins, and the Jordans, were already drawing with a resolute mind to kill them.

To put it in perspective for the gun golfers, imagine the referee saying, "Shooter Ready...stand..." and at the "stand"...before the "by", you kick off the action and kill all the targets. Why...it would be unfair wouldn't it. All the estrogenized bullet-golfers would protest. And its true. It would in fact be against the rules. But that my friends is what killing is like. Fair fights are for the f*cking movies.

I have done my share of killing bad guys. The record speaks for itself. As much as was dependent on me, I always took every advantage. If I could shoot them in the back when they were reloading, I did. If I could shoot them before they ever saw me, I did. I never warned anyone, nor gave anyone a shot at me. I was not John F*cking Wayne...nor did I ever want to be.

So here is a secret. One that the modern, sport-focused, John-Wayne-Good-Guy-minded gun community will not understand.

While speed is of some value...it is never about speed.
It is about distraction.
It is about timing.
And it is about being deliberate in your actions.

Killing is easy. Once you can kill the bad guy in your heart and mind. The physical execution is easy.

As Musashi would say, think on these matters deeply.