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Selecting Your Trijicon RMR

I often get questions about which RMR a buyer should add to their pistol. There is no easy answer. It depends on what the end user wants as each has advantages and liabilities. We can divide existing Trijicon RMRs into three groups. First are the Dual Illuminated units. These are comprised of the RM03 (13 MOA Amber Dot), RM04 (7 MOA Amber Dot), RM05 (9 MOA Amber Dot), RM05G (9 MOA Green Dot), RM08 (13 MOA Amber Triangle), and RM08G (13 MOA Green Triangle). They are all within a few dollars of each other, but the Dual Illuminated are the lowest cost RMRs. They can be identified by the grey plastic shroud that wraps around what some call the "cat ears" on the RMR. The advantage of these is that they will never need a battery since they run on fiber optics that gather existing light and fuse it onto the dot or triangle. In reduced light where the fiber optic has collected nothing, an internal tritium element powers the dot. For some of our customers that tend to travel... Read more →

Difference Between Rifle and Handgun Red Dot Systems

When running a red dot on a rifle, like an M4, your head is automatically positioned to instantly pick up the red dot as the rifle is mounted. This is due to the additional points of body contact afforded by a rifle (stock and handguard). A pistol however, does not offer those additional points of contact. You will not use the red dot the same way as the rifle regardless of how tuned your draw is. However, with the traditional placement of the iron sights, sights that the eye has been trained to seek through countless draws in the past, the eye will go to the irons initially as they have always done in the past. The instant the iron sights are picked up, BAM, there is the red dot, and the eye can let go of the irons and use the red dot...ignoring the irons for any further use. The "visual hand-off" takes place and becomes almost automatic. The irons serve as "runway lights" to get the eye where it needs to be to pick up the red dot.... Read more →

The Rear Sight Should Be Behind The Red Dot

I want to take a page or two to discuss the relative positioning of the red dot sight in relation to the iron sights. Sometimes I think if I came out with a verifiable supplement that would double the size of your penis and at the same time make every young woman within a half mile want you, there are men in the gun community that would say that a small penis actually was better and that real men did not desire young women. Why would they say that? Because it was my idea, and not theirs - pure and simple. It is, after all is said and done....about money. When everyone is broke, everyone is friendly. But when they are competing for market share, is war. And right now the focus is either to develop a different system than ours and claim superiority, or to copy what we are already doing. Like everything else, we need to know the source and reasoning...and history of each development to understand its motivations and validity. The first installations of red dot... Read more →

See the series of images. 1). need for shoulder pocket. Note on the Knights SR-15 I have removed the stock and I am only using the buffer tube to illustrate to the class how this is used. 2). Drive it out like an MP5. Notice my support side arm is nearly straight, like I was muzzle striking the target. The firing side hand has some rear tension on it, but not overwhelmingly so. 3). See around and not through the scope. Notice I have the scope caps closed, again for illustration during a training demonstration. Keep both eyes open and look at the target. 4). Use visual Index Points. Top Turret on the 3x10 works great. Related articles Floating the Support Hand The M4 Pistol Pdw Read more →

The shift started out as it usually did. 0630 hours, sitting in the squad room wiping sleep from my eyes as the duty sergeant reads the most current watch information and happenings from the previous shift. Haven’t had my dose of caffeine yet and my mind wanders as I quietly ask my partner where we are going for coffee. A typical briefing and it’s off to my beat. “1125, I’m 10-8.” I say over the radio to dispatch as I go into service. Not an hour passes and I’m already into my third vehicle burglary report. “It’s going to be a long day”, I sigh as I ponder on the upcoming zoo trip with my kids; a trip that has been planned for a month now. But, that’s still three days away and I need to get these reports done and get back in service. The captain’s been on us about getting our reports done quickly so that we can get back in service. Calls are starting to back up. I finished and submitted my third report and just went... Read more →