We live in a time of war and we MUST after action these events. My discussion here is NOT to criticize the fallen, but we must learn the hard lessons and from the mistakes made...and immediately because in fact, we live in a time of war and that man in the video may be one of us tonight!

Of course we have the issues of crowding cover and being stationary when the adversary is moving...but beyond that

I was astounded a few moths ago when training a group of police Counter Terrorist Officers. They were got shocked looks on their faces and recoiled at the idea of shooting terrorists in the face. They were totally resistive to the idea of shooting a terrorist with a large scale WMD in the back of the head unannounced to prevent a detonation.

I was told that they are trained to be "guardians" and not "warriors". The vast majority of their training, and they were a group of very aggressive agencies mind you - was totally defensive in nature. And that was the mindset inculcated in them since day one of the academy unless I was given bad info.

Back in the day, yes I know...the ethos was to attack the threat. And this was a long time ago before many guys and girls on the street were even born. I think a greater degree of aggression must be taught and become a part of the LE culture. And that doesn't mean being rude or nasty to people, or anything like that. It means that when certain things have happened, the nice guy in the class A uniform morphs into a medieval warrior and attacks the threat.

The other thing that needs to happen is an understanding the THUG CULTURE transcends race. I look at the guy in the back of the car in the white T-shirt that allegedly had the CCW and I do not see Allen West, or Ben Carson, or even Walter Williams or Colin Noir.

I see a skinny dude in an oversized white t-shirt with a Snoop-Dog facial hair and hair style that LOOKS LIKE A THUG. And I suspect that it was likely a neighborhood known for violent activity and narcotics and gangs...much like certain areas I worked...back in the day. I suspect that had this guy been a "white power" inked meth-culture thug, it would have never made the news...but I digress.

Does that mean that one should not dress like a thug regardless of what culture they identify with?

That there are consequences to looking like the type of guys that do violence of LE (not the same as being a certain color), hanging out in the wrong place, and all those things that West, Carson, Williams and Noir would not do?

Yes...that is what it means. And the police need to stop apologizing for that and dancing around the issue that a thug is a thug is a thug. Sometimes these police administrators remind me of Obama tripping all over himself to avoid using Islam and Terror in the same sentence.

Also as we seem to keep saying - I suspect that there will be some connection between Islam/ISIS and the Dallas shooters. I could be totally wrong, but I bet ISIS has just made some indigenous insurgency allies in the USA.