The Fog Of War - A Lack Of Certainty In Active Shooter Events



From The UK Media

The white British ISIS child executioner: Horrific propaganda video shows British boy - 'Abu Abdullah Al-Britani' shooting a prisoner in the head in Syria 

  • Chilling video shows five young boys carrying out executions of prisoners with handguns
  • One of the boys is identified as Abu Abdullah al-Britani, a nom de guerre popular with British jihadists 
  • He is white, blue-eyed, aged around 12 and appears to be fluent in Arabic and comfortable with firearms  

Here is the link to the video: ISIS Child Executioners

So is this something you are ready to deal with?  How many of you reading this can answer in the affirmative, that you would shoot little "Abu" in the face if he was a member of an Active Shooter Jihad Team, or about to set off an IED to wipe out a store full of satan-loving infidels?
We hear all the time about some police officer retiring from service in self-inflicted horror because he had to shoot a young kid.  We also recall the scene in American Sniper where Chris Kyle shoots the little terrorist to save a column of US Soldiers.  "What kind of evil", he later asks in the movie, "...does that?" 
Well, we don't need to ask that question as it is right there for us to see and to name.  Islamic Terrorism is the kind of evil Kyle was asking about.  And the evidence is there in the video using children to commit murders as propaganda.  There is something inherent in the Judeo-Christian-European identity against using children as soldiers and against harming children in any way. 
But as I have said in the past, when rules for civilized behavior are ignored by one of the parties, it is a truly foolish and self-destructive thing to continue operating under those rules.
The majority of US training for Police, Private Citizens, and even Military, involves training to take out strong male adversaries.  In the Citizen and Police realms, these strong male adversaries are the criminals and thugs of common day to day American crime.  Although sometimes women are depicted as adversaries, very seldom do we see the elderly or children.  We simply do not see danger associated with the young or the old.  But in this video, we clearly see that our enemy does see them as useful soldiers in their plans.  And likewise we should not consider age as something that diminishes the threat.  If you find my words harsh and objectionable, go ask a veteran of the Vietnam war about the VC use of children.  The current enemy is far more evil than that.
Our enemy has shown us his use of the very young and the very old as terrorists.  Fine, thank you - information received.  We live in a time of war and our tactics and engagement concepts will change in accordance with the new information.
The little jihadist terrorist active shooter or bomber gets shot right in the face...just like the big ones.