Terrorist Stabbing Attack at Minnesota Mall


In a scene from what the current administration would want us to think is the "new normal", we have this:

"A man dressed in a private security uniform and making reference to Allah, entered a St. Cloud Minnesota mall Saturday night and stabbed eight people before being shot dead by an off duty police officer."

...and this.

"A man who was killed after stabbing eight people Saturday night inside a Minnesota mall was “a soldier of the Islamic State,” an ISIS-linked news agency said Sunday morning."

And this happens almost simultaneously with bombs in New York that are reminiscent of the Boston Marathon bombings that so many Americans seem to have already forgotten about.  We live in a time of war and it would be foolish of us to forget that for a moment, or to forget who the unannounced enemy happens to be.  The terrorists all have a common thread, a cultural, political, and religious ideology that connects them regardless of where they were born, what passport they hold or what language they speak.  I am still astounded at law enforcement's reluctance to even speak of the common thread.  Its like the Vikings in The Thirteenth Warrior refusing to speak the name of the "Wendol", as if the name remains unspoken, the monster will not exist.

In short order, the identity of the Islamic Terrorist named by ISIS will be known, as well as who planted the bombs in New York...and you will all be able to name the monster for yourselves. In the meantime - lessons to learn.

1).  The Crossroads Mall I am told is posted as a Gun Free Zone.  from their website, it mentions - "No firearms or illegal weapons".  Well that is all very nice, but that didn't seem to stop the terrorist, so since the other side refuses to obey the rules, so shall we refuse to obey such silly rules.  Carry your weapons everywhere...well concealed but ready at hand.  Ignore the sign.  The sign will not protect you...that much is clear.

2).  Profile everyone that comes near you, regardless of where you are and what uniform they are wearing.  The terrorist was a security guard.  And I have been to Minnesota.  I will bet that the security guard/terrorist was a Somali immigrant.  I am not certain of this, but I am making an educated guess based on prior training and collective national experience.  We will see. 

3).  Along with visual profiling, look at what they have in their hands...and why.  I cannot imagine that nobody saw the Somali security guard loping around the mall with a knife in his hand.  If you are in a Minnesota Mall and a man that fits the national collective profile of the insurgency culture walks up to you with a knife in his hand and asks what religion you are, I think that you are justified in being suspicious without considering yourself as a deplorable racist.

4).  Learn how to fight the knife.  A hint...the best answer is not a martial arts technique.  More to follow as we get information.



He was Dahir Adan, 22, born in Africa and brought here 15 years ago. The head of Minnesota CAIR expressed fears of a "potential for backlash," and Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton called for "religious and racial tolerance."

What do you know about that?!!