Chicago-protest-3Some observations

I think Trump will fundamentally change the country, and for the better...for people like us. For liberals and freeloaders, life will suck like it has never sucked before.  In less than ten days look at what he has done. None of this is outlandish and are things most capitalists and conservatives have all thought needed to be done. But like an unruly child being disciplined for the first time, the nation's left is going bananas.

I do see him succeeding at his...our...goals even if by force because he is not overly concerned about re-election like most others have been. He is going to be there 4 years, change things, and leave...maybe. I think it is going to be great for those of us who want to make and keep money. Specially good for the gun industry as I see the HPA and several other bills passing. The government's reach into the gun business will be reduced and those forces likely repurposed.

In the meantime, I would look at the tumult of the Hippy Terrorists of the 1960s...the Weathermen, the Black Panthers and Black Guerrilla family for a harbinger of the future. I know it was before most people's time and nobody but nerds study history, but do some research as these people are just as dangerous as the Islamic tango. I see these groups getting more and more violent as their liberal-snowflake world gets stepped on...and stepped on hard.Modern allies to these people might likely be the Mexican Mafia and its satellites, the Earth First types, and the various Black Supremacist movements. Watch for not only more anti-Trump, anti-white, anti-police violence from these indigenous communist groups, but also from the ever-present Jihadists that will not be going away anytime soon.

As well I would look at 2020.The left, and that is what democrats are...leftists, will want to field an irresistible candidate and do all they can to upset the Republicans. They will say anything, promise anything, to get their candidate elected. If the people that got Trump elected start doing the "vote your conscience" bullshit like they did in 2008 and 2012, the left will win.I said that many times, but it will be the most true in 2020. In the coming years there will be no middle ground in America.  Unity will simply be a word used to force you to compromise your values and beliefs.  Those not with us will be against us. To what degree, it remains to be seen.

The samurai had a saying -

After the battle, tighten the helmet straps.