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First of all, I am not putting down the officer. Those of us that served in that job in a thankless and hostile environment know the thought process I will describe here. But as a trainer and, what some have called, a thought leader, I must point out mistakes like this, lest some of my guys repeat them. Lots of faults here not the least of which is a socially protected Southern California thug culture that alienates itself from mainstream society, and revels in disrespect for all authority. Next place to lay responsibility is an Agency Culture that fails to hire capable (meaning fit, strong, and fight-experienced) officers with enough physical confidence to not "go to guns" as the only resort. And finally responsibility lays on the officer himself. He acted out of emotion, and fear-aggression. And in this day and age of so many resources and self-provided training available, failed to prepare himself for the reality that exists every single day on the street. So here we go. 1). Off duty, one should not give a "flying feline fornication"... Read more →

Continuing on the pivotal discussion a few days ago, on counter protest driving, I want to further elaborate some points and add a few new ones. Look at the lead image here. This was a vehicle that was not interested in the plight of the modern snowflake, did not care about some urban thug shot by the police, nor any of the nonsense that permeates the "protest culture". They edged forward moving, not ramming, and at some point, simply drove away. That is the simplest solution to this. One comment asked what would happen if one of these people decided to throw themselves under your tires. The answer is cannot see down there so how would you know? But moving on. So avoiding these is still the wisest course. Not because we care for the right of the militant liberals to interfere with your day (us caring about their rights at this point is laughable), but simply because it is a hassle and potentially a life threatening event. So not being there is the best option. How do we... Read more →

Let us discuss the relative positioning of the red dot sight in relation to the iron sights. Sometimes I think if I came out with a verifiable supplement that would double the size of your penis and at the same time make every young woman within a half mile want you, there are men in the gun community that would say that a small penis actually was better and that real men did not desire young women. Why would they say that? Because it was my idea, and not theirs - pure and simple. It is, after all is said and done....about money. When everyone is broke, everyone is friendly. But when they are competing for market share, is war. And right now the focus is either to develop a different system than ours and claim superiority, or to copy what we are already doing. Like everything else, we need to know the source and reasoning...and history of each development to understand its motivations and validity. The first installations of red dot sights did not make use of back... Read more →

We see them all the time now. Americans kicked out the communist government last November and began taking steps to make America great again, and the left is catatonic. It is like an unending Rodney King Riot in some places. And everyday we are informed of militant leftist terrorists or militant race terrorists acting out with violence against those whom they perceive as the enemy. Some well respected authorities have even suggested that while we have been in a sort of "cold civil war" for some time, this is the beginning of a shift to a "warmer" version. One of the left's tactics is the blocking of roadways in some hope of somehow causing those who voted out communism to recant in order to shorten their commute. In reality it is creating more and more antipathy for the left by true Americans. But let us discuss some points of Counter Protest Driving. I can't wait to get hate mail from the snowflakes. First is the vehicle. If you have a choice, avoid the little ecologically-responsible roller skate cars that are... Read more →

I get questions about this quite often. So at the risk of offending somebody, here is why I think the MOS system is a poorly thought out Compromise and should not be a top choice for those wanting to get into the red dot world of pistols. The MOS was developed for a single purpose, and excellence for the end-user was not the reason. It was developed so Gaston Glock could sell red dot capable slides to all the cheap bastards that are too cheap to buy a Trijicon RMR or a Leupold Deltapoint Pro. They will glom on to trash like Burris Fastfire and want to install it on their slide. The MOS was designed to accept any and all red dots and thus it is an exercise in compromise...period. This may not be a concern for GSSF or other pistol games, but those wishing to carry for more serious reasons, here are the problems I have seen with the system. Problems with the MOS - 1). The Compromise requires a taller mount of the red dot than is... Read more →


SO! DO YOU SEE ANY PARALLELS TO THE PISTOL?? Following on the discussion of "look before you holster", here is an interesting video of real swordsmanship. There are striking parallels between Iaijutsu (the skill set of drawing and cutting reactively with the sword)...and gunfighting. The blade has different characteristics than the pistol. The firearm is dangerous because it can project force at a distance via the muzzle...but along with controlling the muzzle, one controls the trigger area. In fact, if one controls the trigger area...the control of the muzzle is really superfluous. The sword is dangerous at the point and the edge. how the old master sheathes the sword. He controls the ridge...or the unsharpened edge. Once he has the point in the sheath, he sheathes...s-l-o-w-l-y. So we can say that the spirit of sheathing the sword is the same as the spirit of holstering the pistol, but because the dynamics of the weapons are different, the execution is different. That "spirit" is executed differently. With the sword, control of the ridge equals control of the edge. With the... Read more →

"STAKEOUT" The term has been in use for ages. Today it means waiting for bad guys so that when they arrive, or conclude their activities, you can arrest them...but in a time not so long ago it was interchangeable with the term "ambush". Today many guys on the job are true peace officers that can meet with high school teachers and give presentations to church group without uttering a single "fuck you". But in times past some were much more "primitive"...not Phds in Criminal Justice and Global Security...but rather "good" thugs, polished and presentable, with guns...and badges. Argue if you wish, but that was a perfect description. The stakeout was a time honored tactic. And it yielded great results. One would arrest a petty hoodlum...a thief or doper...or dope dealer. Then we would turn him like spies are turned into double agents. In essence make him and informant. And nothing was out of bounds for us. If the guy was married we would dangle him seeing his kids grow up from prison in front of his eyes. If he had... Read more →