With the information we received from Istanbul, Turkey and Jakarta, Indonesia, as well the inevitability of that happening here as the American Jihadists increase their skills and operational tempo, I developed the "Istanbul Drill". 

The Istanbul Drill teaches us to shoot for the face and neck area to quickly terminate the terrorist, as well as to follow up the downed terrorist with additional face and neck shots to insure the result.

Set up two targets. One standing...one already on the deck.

  • Draw and fire a burst of five at the standing target...in the face of course.
  • Instantly transition to the downed target (representing the same guy - now fallen), and put an additional burst of shots into his downed face.
The Instabul Drill has brought up a great deal of discussion at warriortalk.com about what some call "anchoring shots".  The original term referred to a big game hunting technique one would find discussed in books by Roark and Capstick. The concept is similar, but the application is very different.  In the hunting genre it was intended to break a substantial bone structure on an animal that was likely to charge, and then follow up with a brain shot.  THAT was the original use of the term. 
Today the term is being used, but in reverse, with the brain shot being the anchoring shot.  It is important to mention this so that there is no misunderstanding.  Today's use of the anchoring shot is in essence a killing shot delivered once the terrorist is down to insure he is unable to detonate himself.  Perhaps a better term - "The Insurance Shot".

Moreover, it must be reiterated that this is NOT a "street self defense against a mugger" technique.  This is reserved for Active Shooter/Terrorist Events where the bad guy is quite likely to be wearing a bomb vest. You can argue against it if you wish, but you either accept or not accept the information coming out on the various events as well as what ISIS is admonishing its operatives to do.

If in an active shooter event, you should assume unless otherwise proven, the the bad guy is equipped with an IED.  In these instances, the normal rules don't apply. 

In an event such as this, because of the terrorist's already expressed level of violence, you can use extremely violent and even cruel methods to kill the terrorist.  Methods that would otherwise not be condoned in a common street self defense situation.

This is not the same situation and the commonly accepted limits to the use of deadly force are not there.

Anchoring does not mean some sort of pelvic leg shot, mechanical damage sort of thing making the bad guy fall down. It means trying to kill them with the shots you fire at his face and head. Not "Stop Them", not "Disuade and Discourage Them", but Kill Them...as in dead.  You fire every single one of those shots with the complete desire to kill the terrorist. 

Shoot them in the face/neck area. Center Of Mass no longer a target of concern in such events, as it is covered by the IED.  Please do not get all Courtroom-Survival on this or you will just blow yourself up. 

Once he has been shot in face and he is down, regardless of how close or far he is, continue shooting him in the face/neck area. We want him dead and unable to keep shooting innocent people, and unable to trigger an explosive device such as what we see in the video above.

If you need to get past him to exit (or go kill another terrorist), keep shooting the downed terrorist in the face-head area as you approach and as you pass him by. The notion of handling a terrorist like Farooq or Mateen, as if it was a thug with a tire iron in the parking lot, with those same concerns in mind, is asinine, and those advocating such things irresponsibly out of touch with modern reality...or have another agenda.

We live in a time of war, and the terrorist is the enemy. 

Train and act accordingly.

Oh, and for those wondering what the Law Enforcement guys are doing, I got this last summer.  An AAR of a police in-house in service training from an agency in Southern AZ.    Keep in mind that these are the rules of engagement for a police agency, for response to active shooter - terrorist events.  Just like we are talking about here.


From Their Training Sgt.

"Thought you'd like to know that:

(1) Head shots were encouraged

(2) Insurance shots were explicitly called for and

(3) in a multiple opponent drill, taking no prisoners was held as a valid approach to the problem.

To expand....

(1) they want the hits anywhere on meat, but if a head shot appears, do it. The training venue had the initial distances approx 50 yards, so practicalities were addressed as well

(2) Role player doing the jihadist immitation with a cell phone and a pipe bomb. Your article on Turkey was exactly on point with the instruction to put a contact shot or two in his head as you passed his body. We are accepting reality as there was no shyness about using Muslims as the bad guys in one of the scenarios.

(3) Dispatched to two shooters, you have the opportunity to capture the second.

Officers that did were advised on how often the broadcast is wrong and the need to seek out the unknown third or fourth guy.

"Can you really afford time and distraction to handcuff him?"