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From the perception of safety comes the relaxation of standards, and then the rise of the acceptance of marginal performance as something adequate. Inevitably, the acceptance of mediocrity leads to its adherents defending their current state as normal and ridiculing those who do not wish to be held down by their low standards. Profound? No, simply an observation from life. It happens in police/military circles as well as in any industry and in society as well. We see it in the gun world…perhaps especially now that the specters of Hillary and Obama have passed into unpleasant history. It is as if now, some have glomed on to the illusion of safety from magazine bans, and assault rifle bans. And being safe from such things, it is almost - in their minds, as if evil itself has been driven out from the country. And they no longer need to maintain skills or maintain top grade equipment. Finally, they think, they can now be like “normal” people. Point out that we are still at war with Jihadists, and that the Urban Terrorist... Read more →

Let us be honest with one another - shooting and killing an "Active Shooter" is easy. It is solely a matter of overcoming the ingrained hesitation that has been trained into the modern American, and the existence of sufficient marksmanship skills. That is all. And what is happening will be quite clear to any intelligent first world people on scene. It will be clear because it has happened time and again. The paradigm has been established, we know what will happen and thus we are prepared to take action. Moreover, we can often wait until the terrorist has actually "opened the game" with the deployment of his rifle...maybe even his first few shots. So in essence we are still reactive to him. But what would it take to justify in your mind, killing the active shooter before he takes his first shot...truly before he ever gets his rifle out? What sort of information would you need? I expect that - today - if one of us saw an Adam Lanza type guy with a rifle walking toward a Pre-School...or a... Read more →

What was once fringe, seems to become mainstream. We have seen it time and again. So here is a fringe idea. Since we use RMRs on our handguns almost exclusively...why not also on these? One area where we noticed room for improvement was in alignment of the weapon. Not having a "stock" per se, the uniform placement of the cheek, and thus the eye, was missing. Easy button - add the parallax free RMR. Bring up the weapon, look through the optic, and wherever the dot it, that is where you will hit. Points - 1). The closer the optic is to the eye (within reason) the greater field of view you get and the easier to find the dot. The opposite is also true. Put the dot far out there and finding it becomes more difficult. 2). The mount we used was of our own design and will be released for sale shortly. We used JB Weld on this one and it has held up well. Final production will use mounting screws and a gunsmith installation suggested. The mount... Read more →

It was the perfect target if you think about it...if you have studied the enemy's playbook. A crowded event, in an unsecured location, attended by non-combatants, in an unarmed egalitarian western nation. The stuff jihadist dreams are made of. So 23-year-old Salman Abedi, son of Lybian refugees, set off a nail bomb at the conclusion of the concert as attendees were exiting the hall. Thusfar, there are 22 dead and some 60 severely injured. Having some knowledge on the nature of blast injuries, the death toll will likely increase, and the injured will likely never be the same. The response is almost comical. First there is collective horror and revulsion, then a call for tolerance from world leaders and media figures. A reassurance that this was an isolated event, and that it has nothing to do with religion. There will be flowers and candles and Union Jack icons on social media, and all of that. And somewhere in Afghanistan or some other place far away from the site of the mass murders, a drone will blow up a hut in... Read more →

America loves rifles. Hell, we have been at war now for - what - sixteen years?! Fourteen years ago, when many of the Youtube heroes were still waiting for their balls to drop, you couldn't have rifles. Then in 2004, President Bush allowed the 1994 Assault Rifle Ban to sunset. Suddenly, the floodgates opened and all those evil weapons we could not previously own were almost growing on trees. And since the rifle industry has always been better at marketing than the Fuddish shotgun industry, the shotgun began to be ignored, and the rifle - notably the M4 series - was favored. But all weapons are tools, and tools have specific jobs they are designed for. You may love that new chrome plated craftsman hammer you got last Father's Day, but if you need to turn a screw, rather than drive a nail, it will not be the right tool regardless of your affection for it. So...context. So...reality. Recently we had a discussion on warriortalk about the use of shotguns for "riot survival". Good and timely topic in light of... Read more →

GEAR AND SKILL Posted today at warriortalk by "apamburn". Speaks exactly why having the best gear is important. "But most of all I think that adding and using the RMR on my handgun has emphasized something that Gabe and WT generally has espoused for a long time, but I didn't fully comprehend: basic equipment + new shooter : shooter may not notice limitations of basic equipment because the capabilities of equipment still exceed capabilities of shooter. basic equipment + good shooter : shooter will experience limitations because their capabilities are >= capabilities of equipment, and without change in equipment, development of skills will plateau, regress, or be retarded. great equipment + new shooter : shooter's capabilities limit what they can do but their abilities will far exceed what they could do with basic equipment, and learning curve cut (case in point: my non-shooter mom with suarez RMR and brace hitting barrel at 100 yds) great equipment + good shooter: shooter will get 'over the hump' and avoid skill plateau, identifying weaknesses and correct them; shooting capabilities enhanced (case in point:... Read more →

On my forum a question was recently asked: What role does the shotgun have during civil unrest? My main battle weapon for years was a shotgun. And I admit, I had my love affairs with the AK and the M4. And at home, the weapon by my bed is a Glock PDW with a 30 round stick and a can. The reason for the last is that I still have kids living with us and I want discretion, silence, and surgical accuracy. But I am rethinking the best weapon for a riot type event. It very well may be the shotgun. Here are some points to consider - 1). Riot events involve either getting the fuck out, or hunkering down. If the former is your option, then range is not an issue is it? Only if defending a stronghold will that be an issue. What are the odds of one versus the other? If defending a stronghold, then the rifle has a great deal of advantage until things get inside. Then the battle goes to the shotgun. So if we... Read more →