There is a saying in spanish that describes insurgency combat - "tira la piedra y esconde la mano". 

Loosely translated it means "throwing a stone and then hiding the hand that threw it".  Inherent in the act is concealment, and the expectation of going unnoticed, specially when surrounded by a crowd or mob or people.  Preferably a mob that had no involvement, directly in throwing the stone.  So the recipient of the stone has no idea which individual in the mob threw it, but he damn sure knows it came from that particular crowd.  And the stone thrower, like Mao's fish, keeps swimming along unidentified.  But the people in the can bet that they know who he was as they were standing right next to him, or heard his friends discussing the procurement of stones, or something along those lines. 

I think we all see it.  The problem is that the west cannot successfully deal with the dynamics of that mob and retain its own egalitarian self-image.  But soon, its self-image will not be the most important thing. But we have other matters to discuss today.

Certainly the eight dead in Manhattan at the hands of an Islamic Terrorist were bad, but let's not forget the 84 dead at the hands of another Islamic Terrorist in France.


It is a rather successful tactic wouldn't you say.  Low tech, low risk (compared to building a huge dirty nuke), and high chance of success.  In Europe, unless Teresa May will ban motor vehicles and all sharp knives (right along with even the mere thought of a firearm), there is virtually no way to prevent these.  America keep alert.  Note the Ohio State University attack. Thirteen wounded.  Now imagine if the jihadist was armed with a rifle in addition to the car.  Hardly a difficult thing to imagine.

So here are some points, all equally important:

1).  Get your minds right. 

We live in a time of war.  I suspect the dead and maimed in Manchester and London and Nice, and now Manhattan, would have disagreed with this the day before the attacks took place, but there we are.  In a time of war we take a war footing and conduct our lives differently than when everything is wonderful and all human beings love one another (cue in birds singing and butterflies in a bright blue sky). 

You don't want to live like that?  Too bad should have thought about that before you invited and cultivated the insurgent virus into your country, or elected those who did.

2).  Vehicle Borne Jihadist Attacks are impossible to prevent.  That is the puzzle the authorities are trying to solve without seeming unfair to the "mob" we discussed earlier.  And they will never solve it that way.  Accepting this you can take steps to protect your position at all times.  Accept that you are never safe, and always a target.  That will guide your movements.  There are three very common threads in all of these vehicle attacks...truly in all terrorist attacks. 

a).  An Islamic Terrorist - Yeah...I know...but still, we are not seeing a connection between these killers and Judaism, Taoism, or Hinduism are we.  Disagree if you wish but there is a common thread here that only the idiots that refused to tell the emperor he was naked could intentionally overlook.  The solution to that is out of my hands, but I see the thread and position my world view accordingly.

b).  Venue that supports the vehicular attack tactic.  Public places, congested crowds, limited egress, all contribute to desirable targets.  Allow that to guide your selection of seats, route of travel, etc. At the very minimum, stay alert and expect something to happen.  Yeah...I know...we can't let the terrorists win and all that stiff upper lip bullshit.  Listen...unless you shoot them in the face before they stomp on the gas at the line of first graders...they win anyway. Venue you do have control over.

c).  Unarmed Victims - Ah that is a crucial element isn't it?  Unarmed people, as well meaning as they may be, can only hunker and flee and hope armed men arrive in time to kill the terrorist.  Laws that prevent a man from exercising his right to self-preservation are immoral and illegal in the eyes of God.  Imagine if people simply said, "No...we are not going to go along with your stupid laws".

3).  Personal Passive Countermeasures.  Face traffic when you are on the street.  It is far easier to defend against something coming from the front than from behind.  This is a thing all runners you know it as well.  If available, walk in areas that would be difficult for cars to drive on to.  For example, a street with parked cars is safer than one without.  The parked cars creating a barrier for the VBJA (Vehicle Borne Jihadist Attack).  If such a path is not possible, stay closer to buildings than to the street, giving you an escape route should something present itself. 

Oh, and be armed, of course.

4).  Personal Active Countermeasures.  You are not going to outrun a car, nor are you going to stop a car with gunfire.  No matter what the gun guru with the beard down to his balls said in his youtube channel those are facts - accept them. 

However, you can certainly avoid a car driving toward you.  As always, the more physically fit you are the easier it will be for you to split to the left or right before the car hits you.  Evasion is the primary defense mechanism here.  Use barricades, parked cars, and any natural or man made item to move behind, around, or into to avoid the jihadi driver.  We live in a time of war and we are all combatants in that war.  Make certain that you are fit to fight.

5).  After the Impact.  You will note that in most of these events, the car is in addition to being a weapon, it is also a delivery vehicle for the jihadists.  In my prior article I discussed dealing with the knife attack.  Lets look deeper.  

The initial reaction for most socialized and domesticated westerners will be that this was an accident.  And it may well have been that, but assuming anything in a time of war is dangerous.  So move to a position where you can wait and watch.  If you are with family, don't bother with any of this - get away, as your protectees are of greater value than anyone there and our time of war dictates staying there with them as an excessive risk. And don't do like everyone else will do - go into a store and stand around gawking.  Get out and away from the area and quickly.

Otherwise, if you have no protectees, and have self selected as a combatant - wait and watch.  It will be evident in a few seconds if this is something other than an accident.   We hear reports that in the London Bridge attack, the Jihadis exited the vehicle and approached the downed victims.  Onlookers assumed they were approaching to help them, when in reality they were approaching them to finish them off with knives.  When you see the driver get out and begin head shooting the little kids he just ran over, that will be a clue to you that this was no accident.

Once the terrorists are on foot, and you are clear in your mind they are terrorists, feel free to engage (crashing into a crowd, then getting out and shooting people is a rather conclusive position don't you think?).  And by engage I mean preemptive, unannounced head shots, ear canal shots, or back of the head shots.  Your objective is to kill them, not the politically correct "shooting to stop them". 

But don't draw too soon - wait until you are certain.  Remember, when there is any doubt, there is no doubt.  Of course, if they are running toward you, knives upraised, with their hearty "Aloha Snackbar", there will be no ambiguity about their intentions.  

6).  Other things.  Knowledge of how to provide aid for injuries and knowing the dynamics of vehicular impact injury is a good thing to have.  Understand that first aid is rendered AFTER the fight concludes.  No thought of first aid need take place while the terrorist is alive.  The best aid you can possibly give is to have killed the terrorists.  But once that is done is where the other knowledge comes in.

If you have the need to stop a moving vehicle understand that once it is moving, a mere small arms projectile will not stop it.  But you may get an opportunity to kill the driver.  Killing the driver by penetrating the windshield can be done, but if the car is moving toward you, you are better served by moving out of its path rather than shooting at it.  From the side however, it is a different matter.  Shooting a driver through the side window is easy, and easier than shooting him through the windshield.  Trust is very easy to do this.

We live in a time of war and the tempo of battle has come to American shores.