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One of the areas where we can make the, now popular again, Remington 870 better is by the addition of an on-board ammo carrier. I was initially unfavorable about these as the original versions of yesteryear were heavy and clumsy. But the newer versions seem to have overcome this. Lets discuss the things that make them good and the things that do not. But first let's establish some truths about how shotguns are really used in gunfights (which is what our focus is here). Shotguns are not sustained firepower weapons. They are used in quick fast engagements, three or four rounds are fired, and that is usually that. If you hit, the devastation of the 12 ga round tends to conclude things even if the wound does not result in death. To be used well, a shotgun must be light, sleek, and fast into action. It is as much pointed as it is aimed with sighting systems. Anything that decreases the utility of the weapon in the realm it is intended for, without providing tangible value in return, is to... Read more →

It is a timing issue of course. Continuing on the discussion of how to not get shot by police. I was pointed in by neighboring agencies at least a dozen times when I was working narcotics and gangs. So lets look at this. And I will say need to think quickly, be quick to adapt, and don't let your ego get you killed. 1). Police arrive first and contain matters before you are ever involved. Your role as an officer - whatever your agency says to do. Your role as a Pvt. Citizen - nothing...go home and do some pullups. 2). Police arrive as you are engaging, or police arrive immediately after you engage. Statistically this is unlikely as there has always least in the events I have studied, a marked lag in response as the information is relayed through channels. Add to that the lack of undirected initiative on the part of most LE Personnel today and you will get nothing until dispatch gets the info out to the field units. At Virginia Tech, there were units... Read more →

It was July, 1992, right after the Rodney King Race Riots in Los Angeles. My partner Al Acosta and I were assigned to a perimeter surveillance point in Los Angeles on what I recall was a bank robbery takedown. We were both Gang Officers and sported the shaved head, steroided-out looking Gold's Gym physiques and Fu Manchu facial hair. The surveillance was likely going to turn into a gunfight so while attempting to fit into our environs, we were armed to the teeth. Hour after hour we waited with our team, posted in various locations, for the target to arrive. It was hot and staying hydrated meant drinking water. As as many of us know...what is taken in, must go out as well. We were parked in an alley and needing to check my hydration levels, I got out of the Mustang and walked over to a dumpster to check for color of stream. Apparently my cover shirt had ridden over my belt pistol (strong side carry back in the old days) and someone happened to be looking out the... Read more →

A few years ago, Dr. Allen Fox made some useful observations about tennis and emotional control. His advice has a lot of carryover to martial endeavors: "In a match, it's very necessary to maintain emotional control. By 'emotional control' I mean two things: "One is, you don't have anger or discouragement or these emotions that hurt you. And number two, you create emotions that are helpful to you, like aggression, and excitement, and optimism. Now with most people, their emotions tend to follow what's happening on the court. If they're playing badly, their emotions go down, and their game tends to follow. "The great players don't let their emotions be determined by what's happening on the court – they use it, but they're trying to create the emotions themselves. Maintaining emotional control is one of the keys to winning tennis matches." My Perspective: What Dr. Fox says about tennis is just as applicable to winning the gunfight. Read more →

Recently we have had a very spirited discussion here regarding the Mesa PD Dust Cover issue. Much of it I must say I drove with my article called, "YOU'RE FUCKED". But I should have known that so few people ever read anything anymore. So here are some points that we will make...numbered. THE MESA PD EVENT 1). Reading is what winners do...scanning is for fuck ups. So read before you speak...just like you listen before you reply. I would think here of all places we would be above the short attention span of the modern snowflake. 2). I killed a boatload of bad guys and tried earnestly to kill a bunch more. In fact, in one performance eval, one Sergeant said I was a "scary guy that just wanted to shoot people". I still have that...I should frame it I suppose. All of mine were armed bad guys...all justified. I say that to put the perspective forth that if shooting was my mind not necessarily by law or policy...I would have been the first one shooting. But just... Read more →

The DM models are not an advancement at all, and actually make the shotgun more difficult to use in the realm where shotguns are really used. I have no interest in the DM models for the 870 and believe they solve no problems at all, but they certainly create more drama for the user. Read more →