RMR steel at 180

Here is the reality. Technology magnifies our ability. Technology does not invalidate the "old ways", but it simplifies the process of accomplishing the mission.While we still develop the skill at map and compass, nobody can deny the advent of GPS makes navigation faster and easier.  We maintain the old ways and skill for the event where technology fails, but that seldom happens.

The "indian" without a proper arrow is as irrelevant as a great arrow being shot by an indian with shitty marksmanship skills. The notion that it is all about skill is wrong and the haven of the cheapskate. A great shooter will not do as well with a Lorcin 25 auto as with a red dot equipped pistol anymore than a NASCAR driver will do as well in a used AMC Pacer as with a finely appointed and tuned Saleen Mustang.

And even if one's skill is still developing, it is far less costly to obtain a great piece of gear and then train to its level than to outgrow various marginal weapons.  Some people will attain a level of by their gear and accept that as the limit of their ability.  Those are the people seeking and accepting mediocrity, and who will scoff at your insistence on excellence.  To achieve the highest level of skill, begin with the best equipment you can obtain, and then develop your ability to that limit...if any.  Use the best kit possible and your skill will grow into that level.

Insofar as the Red Dot Equipped Pistol, we are doing amazing things on the range and our students/customers doing amazing things on the battlefields of the world with these weapons. I recall that in 1990, when I attended the "advanced" pistol school at Gunsite, guys went prone to hit a 50 yard gong with their handguns during an open ended time limit.

And not everyone was able to hit!

Today, in a 3 or 4 second time interval, we have guys drawing and hitting from standing at 100 yards. The lead image is from a class some years ago with the students hitting a gong at 185 yards!  What makes it possible is the red dot system technology.

In ten won't see very many iron sighted handguns at all.