Recently we have had a very spirited discussion here regarding the Mesa PD Dust Cover issue. Much of it I must say I drove with my article called, "YOU'RE FUCKED". But I should have known that so few people ever read anything anymore. So here are some points that we will make...numbered.


1). Reading is what winners do...scanning is for fuck ups. So read before you speak...just like you listen before you reply. I would think here of all places we would be above the short attention span of the modern snowflake.

2). I killed a boatload of bad guys and tried earnestly to kill a bunch more. In fact, in one performance eval, one Sergeant said I was a "scary guy that just wanted to shoot people". I still have that...I should frame it I suppose. All of mine were armed bad guys...all justified. I say that to put the perspective forth that if shooting was my mind not necessarily by law or policy...I would have been the first one shooting. But just because you can doesn't mean you should. The dumbfuck in the would likely not have shot him. But that is because of my personal standards.

3). Had Shaver been a Syrian immigrant fresh from the Mosque, with ISIS websites on his laptop...nobody here would have batted an eye. So here is the back story...the entire back story. Note that the officer did not have the full story...only the info he was given by dispatch and the reality that is 2017.

So perspective...and something I haven't written in detail before but I will now. I got a call of what today would be called an Active Shooter on the Beach. "Multiple shots fired...multiple people down - information coming in". We had four dudes working and two of them were chasing a murder car jacking into the jungle (South Central - if that offends anyone...kiss my arse). We were called back to go deal with the shooter. Long before the era of mutual aid and all of that jazz...we were expected to sort it out.

What I had was a man with a gun shooting people on the beach. Multiple injuries". I arrived and I saw the man about 300 yards away firing a pistol northward on the beach. was 0300 HRS and it was dark. We moved up to contact and as my partner illuminated him (before the luxury of Surefire Lights) he made a movement indicative of a man turning toward you with a weapon, so I shot him and killed him right there.

Nobody had been shot apparently and this guy was also drunk. He was a vet and clearly disturbed. He had just seem the stupid movie Point Break and gone out to the beach to act it out with his Beretta. The outrage poured forth. Poor homeless man executed by police. But based on the information we had and the urgency of the events we were sent to resolve...there was no other way to handle that.

"A man waving a rifle in a hotel window...possible active shooter."

That is all...period...end of story. Anything else you now know about Shaver and the true and godly family man that he may have been in real life is not admissible because the officer didn't know it. The moment your brain begins to go there tell yourself..."The Officer Did Not have that Information".

4). Yes...the tactical event was poorly handled. Very poorly handled! Yes the Sgt on scene was a fool. I made a habit to scare the living fornication out of guys like that so I never had to work with them. Yes, the officer with the stupid dust cover and the excessive ink looks wrong. Yes, yes...yes.

But the fact remains...somebody was scared by the godly (and now drunk) family man waving the rifle in the hotel window sufficiently to call the police. Think about that for a moment. When was the last time YOU called the police? People don't do that on a regular basis. But when they do, the police MUST take the call at face value. You don't want them to think you are kidding when you call about your daughter missing at 0300 HRS do you? (Oh come on Mr. Snakeflagger...she's probably out with those three homies again making a porn movie...just like last time).

5). On the my day...(yeah...I know millenial tacti-dude who has never killed know everything about life and things are so different you have to have your period in the shoothouse because you fucked up and can't admit that you did) my day if you could not do the job...too bad. Height and weight standards...command presence...all that jazz. All those things that exclude people were important. I worked gangs and I worked with a ton of local agencies when we investigated and hunted bad guys. And I never, ever, ever worked with a dude with the ink this guy has on his arms.

Truth...if this "Officer Dewey Crow" stopped me for speeding, I would probably laugh and say, "Dude...if you are a real your fucking sergeant because I don't believe you". But I know the whole story...and people like me, and Brent, and Greg, and the myriad of educated and articulate and cool headed men I work with would never be hired by the modern police agencies...nor would we work 40 plush hours per week for $50,960.00. So before you men complain and bemoan, understand this...IT IS WHAT IT IS AND WILL NOT CHANGE. The Sergeant is now irrelevant as he was then...a part of the problem. Gentleman killer is a lifestyle, not just an article.

6). When you take all of the information into account, Officer Dewey Crow, while a poor image in my opinion, was justified. And although I would have handled it differently because I hold and held a higher standard for myself, does not invalidate the justifiable nature of the event. Could it have been avoided? YES. Here is how -


1). If you are Officer Dewey...dude...what the hell are you thinking? Clean up will you? Not just the ink if you can, but that dust cover? Really?

2). Sergeants...if you allow your people to look like Dewey Crowe and sport dust covers like that....I don't know what to tell you. Either you lead...or you don't, and if you don't, you are worthless...period.

3). Men who are otherwise church-going, faithful to their families, faithful to God, etc. that for some reason got drunk in a hotel room and began waving a rifle around in the window and could not keep your pants up, who are now surrounded by police and given conflicting order - here is my advice. First...don't be that guy. Second, if you are that guy and cannot understand or comply....just get on the damn ground...hands out to the sides and do nothing at all...nothing. Do not not not ask...just freeze and don't move.

4). Anyone that has not done this work for real...against armed men who will kill you if you make a mistake - you have no basis for any criticism do you? Unless you want non-medical guys giving medical advice...non-accountants giving tax advice...and non plumbers giving advice on pipes. You Simply Do Not Know Enough do you? And like I say to people who complain without offering a solution, I would say..."HOW WOULD YOU HANDLE IT?"

If your answer is not descriptive of your tactics, or otherwise offering a tangible solution, you know have forfeited your chance to speak because anything else, other than those two totally worthless.

In closing....


That is not to say we ignore the problems as those who actually read will see. But in the end the best solution to this stupid and wasteful event is this -

DO NOT BE A SHAVER - But don't be a Brailsford either.