The favorite words of the under achievers are "I Can't".  And to project their low standards on others, and thus validating their own choices, "You Can't".  And then, in order to make those standards the norm, and get others to accept them, they like to minimize the problem.  

In the age of the parking lot mugger with the switchblade, minimizing the problem was not a concern, because the problem was in fact quite simple.  First, if one avoided places and times and activities where their path would cross that of the "thug", they were probably never going to be tested.  In fact, since most places where thugs flourished had very restrictive gun laws, it was already a moot point.  And as well, unless one went through life with their head planted firmly in their rectum, they would even see an event bubbling and could avoid it.

Look at the two images above. 

One is a spoof of course.  A scene from the classic movie, West Side Story.  But the character in the photo served as the stereo-typical street thugs seen by most of the American Gun Community as their main concern. "I am just a civilian...I am not an operator", usually follows the as an explanation of their low level of weaponry, physical fitness, and tactical thinking.

That image on the left - the common thug in the parking lot with the switch blade - that was a long ago age.  Today we have an adversary more like what we see on the right.  That image is not from a movie, but from real life.  They are Islamic Jihad Terrorists, and their goal is the formation of a world wide caliphate.  And in their minds, their goal will be brought out by killing as many of the infidels (that is us by the way) as possible before they themselves being killed.

The underachiever class likes to argue this point with me and suggest "odds".  In other words, they would say, the odds of facing an ISIS killer are much less in their view, than facing a common thug, or thugs.  Well, maybe.  But if we are going to discuss "odds", I would say, looking at some of the debaters, that they are in far more danger of death from issues dealing with metabolic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc., than in ever being in a gunfight with even the most humble of muggers.  As well, I would wonder what the recent victims of terrorism would say about those odds.

Orlando, San Bernardino, Las Vegas, many others?

Just as there are changes in the paradigms of every science and every industry, and nothing ever stays as it was, so it is with the realm of civilian self defense.  And that means that the tools, the thinking, the preparation and the operational methods must change in accordance with other changes.  In this case the changes have been brought out by the Modern Active Shooter.  And unlike the common directives to avoid bad places, bad people, bad things, etc., this guy cannot be avoided because he will select such places to carry out his actions.  Underachievers may elect to bury their head in the sand, not wanting to admit that they are either not prepared for this threat, or that (gasp) their grasp of things is outdated.

It is not hard to be a good shot, and a serious danger to guys like the adversaries shown above.  Yes, it takes some effort and a bit more attention and dedication than many in the USA are currently giving to their skill sets, but adopting this as a lifestyle will do far more for you, even if nothing happens, than binge watching TV, overeating, and thinking that you are good enough to prevail over another underachiever.

You will be hearing far more from me in the coming weeks on maximizing your skills, developing the right attitude, and in essence making yourself the greatest threat the terrorist will ever meet on American shores.

Times change brothers, and we will either change ahead of the curve, or we will change after some of you have perished from unpreparedness.  God willing it will be the first option.

Self Select as a Combatant and not a Victim...Stay Dangerous...and when the bad guys show up and begin their party of death, smile, thank the Lord for the opportunity to express your warriorhood, and shoot every single one of them in the face.