This has made the rounds now.  I have watched it many times over the last few days, and while others have been pontificating of all the things that went wrong, I did my business.  It is a busy time, I am looking at contracting with some new manufacturers, I am getting back into training after an arm surgery, and is Christmas.

But I must comment on the video because there are lessons to be learned here.  Some are hard lessons that I am certain I will be vilified by the snowflaky gun-pussies for bringing up.  Funny...those with the least real life experience bark the loudest...but I digress.  I need to say these things because they are important.

1).  Those who are terrified of being "on the street" (military context - "downrange") will always over react.  Overreaction is the equivalent of the fear biting dog that is afraid and has no recourse but to bite.  Guys (and gals collectively) that are "fear biters" are afraid of under reacting due to inculcated fear and will over react as compensation. Kinda like the dude whose pipi no longer works buying a monster truck. There I go again being unfeeling, insensitive and whatever else.  The little dog that knows he is a little dog in a big dog world will always try to bark louder and bite quicker.  Whose fault?  The police administrators and their politically correct hiring practices.  And training.

2).  There is a time to shoot and a time to punch.  I come from the old school.  Today's cops would likely roll their eyes at my thinking, as well as be horrified at how we did business.  Bu there is a time to point guns, and a time to move up, grab a dude by the throat and balls and bring him behind the guns.  But to do that, you need to have the physicality to do so and actually like going hands on with people.  Do such things disqualify you from police service today?

3).  I am all for shooting bad guys.  Believe me.  Ask those I worked with.  I did a great deal of shooting.  I am always in favor of bad guys getting shot.  But stupid guys are not necessarily bad guys.  Sometimes stupid guys are just stupid guys.  Add alcohol and stupid guys become even more stupid.  But the penalty for stupid should not be death.  It was not in my time and it should not be now.  How do you not shoot stupid guys?  You grab them by the balls and pull them back behind the guns, hook them up and move on. Me...I would not have shot Mr. Stupid.

4).  One man gives commands.  Only one man.  Everyone else shuts up and does their jobs.  But a predatory mindset leads to coolness, whereas a victim-prey mindset leads to emotions and treads on the edge of overreaction.  The shooter is not giving commands.  It is the sergeant in charge.  So here is a funny thing to consider.  Sergeants don't automatically get skill and experience with their stripes.   I worked with some sergeants with whom I would have driven code 3 into hell with to sodomize the devil (Ski, Barry, Greg, you know who you are), and there were others that I had nothing but total and barely concealed contempt for.

In the video, the commands don't come from the shooter. They come from the Sergeant, just to his left rear. Interestingly, the Sergeant retired and moved to the Philippines not long after the shooting. Go figure. His last words on the job were likely, "I have your six".

5).  Everyone wants to shoot the bad guy.  Anyone that tells you they do not want to shoot the bad guy is either lying, or totally worthless on the street (Yes Mr. are worthless and weak and I disrespect the hell out of you physically, morally and any other way you can think of...bite me).  But by the same token, nobody wants to shoot somebody who doesn't deserve it.  To shoot an innocent is a horrible thing, and not something anyone wants to do.  How do you prevent such things?  The secret is in training...tactical training, ethos training, and mind set training.  The sort of training that weeds out non-shooters.

I feel sorry for the officer in the video.  His entire career and life will be marked by this one incident and it will be difficult to come back from it.  I also feel sorry for the stupid drunk in the hallway.  The perfect storm.  Stupid has a price but holy smokes this was a high one.

How to prevent something like this in the future?  Tall order but here we go.

To the police.  Don't be pussies.  Don't be afraid to grab a suspect by the neck and physically force him to do your will.  Yes, this takes physical strength.  Why the hell are you not in the gum developing or...or in the dojo learning it.  You owe it to yourself and your brothers.  Be a strong and capable motherf*cker because your brothers expect it, the public that pays you expects it, and you owe it to your own legacy, come what may, to live up to your calling as a warrior and as a man.  And if your sergeant is a pussy, know that he will retire and move to the Phillipines and leave you to take the rap for something stupid he asks you to do.  At the end of the day, you own your actions.

To the drunken stupid idiots that have been waving a rifle in your drunken stuppor.  If you cannot understand the police...just lay on the ground and pretend to be dead.  Still not moving and not complying.  Pretending to be dead is better than being dead.

And to those who would take exception to my words, I say this..."bite me".  I have walked those dark streets and seen the results and the blood of PC hiring practices way too much.  Ask those I worked the streets with.  Of all people I was hardly one to refrain from shooting or to be squeemish about it.

But this guy? 

This guy I would not have shot.