One of the teaching points at the Killing Within The Law Seminar was that after the shots had been fired, you would have to explain yourself.  Regardless of what the untested, myth-followers, on the internet will tell you, you cannot just say nothing.  If a police officer responds to your shooting, he sees the body, and you refusing to speak to him, he will arrive at certain conclusions.  He doesn't care about you, or the truth, or any of that.  He cares about not having his Sergeant on his ass, and in getting off duty on time.  And there will be a report written.  Once that report is written, it will require the hand of God Himself to change it, so it is in your interest to select your role in the event.  The role you want is "Victim". 

That role will be self-assigned if you conduct yourself properly and use your words to reinforce what is evident to the officers.  A great deal of that is based on non-verbal things.  A perceived gentleman will be seen in a vastly different light than a brute.  A gentleman's words are heard whereas the words of a brute are ignored.  Police deal with brutes all the time, and human nature will indicate that if you are categorized as such, assumptions will be made about you that are not desirable.  Everyone would rather deal with a gentleman, so act, speak, and comport yourself like one. 


So, less like this guy.


More like this guy.

I worked with a man once that was the epitome of the "Gentleman Killer". And he was a killer.  He was a Vietnam Veteran with multiple tours before going into Law Enforcement.  He spoke several languages and was well traveled. He could quote Norse mythology as well as the Bible. He knew what words like "clandestine" and "surreptitious" meant - and used them in everyday speech - when others did not.  Cool as a cucumber under fire.

I recall thinking, "I want to be like that guy".

A study of other gentleman killers will reveal guys like Fairbairn, or Burton. Look them up people. Relearn your research skills.

Trust me, in this era of emasculated males attempting to make a bellicose and emotional showing, reading about the exploits of men like Sir Richard Burton will be a shock...and a relief. Same for many others. Fairbairn was quite learned and studied the ways of both east and west concurrently.  Theirs was a more refined age, but one where men were expected to be deadly as well as educated. And to demonstrate "grace under pressure".

So be the self-controlled gentleman giving his side of the gunfight where he was "reluctantly forced to defend his own life and those of everyone else present from the evil (and deceased) criminal", rather than the fool who says nothing and is presumed a surviving suspect,  or the overly emotional male who cannot control his own voice.  And yes friends it can be and has been done plenty of times.  Such a man will not only execute the proper physical and tactical reaction, but be able to conduct himself with care and grace once the authorities arrive to investigate. 

Here is a secret I learned a long time ago.  A secret that is inconvenient to the underachievers, and to those who make a living from their fear.  A man will usually achieve his own expectations.  Make sure yours are set high.