So as we always do, we will discuss the lessons learned from the recent event.  I will as always be brutal about it.  My background and experience gives me license to do that.  If that offends anyone, well...nobody is forcing you to read my words.

Here is the timing of these events.  It was thus as early as Columbine and we see the same nearly two decades later.  If it is handled successfully...meaning either the police or an intended victim, kill the bad guy, you hear about it for a few days and then every American mind forgets and moves on to the newest Youtube clip of the kittens and the birds.  If on the other hand, the bad guy succeeds, you get these, and in relative order.

First you get "Prayers and Facebook posts and politicians screaming, and the rantings of news hosts".  And of course, the failed LE response assigning the blame for their failure on someone other than the chief, and on something other than their hiring practices and policies. 

"I gave him a gun. I gave him a badge. I gave him the training. If he didn't have the heart to go in, that's not my responsibility."

Then national blame assignment (unless it was an Islamic Terrorist whereupon anything but his religious affiliation is to be blamed), and calls for someone to do something meaningful.  And the inevitable calls for having "The Conversation On Guns".

And then, everything goes on as usual after a few weeks, or when something new comes along to distract the ADD public.  That is the pattern with few exceptions or obfuscations (Las Vegas to the contrary of course).

So let us begin shall we -

LESSON 1:  After seeing the pusilanimous response of the Broward County SRO, does anyone on earth still believe that the authorities can provide your safety?  That the authorities will come to save you?  Seriously?  I suspect there are at least seventeen, that if they could speak, would answer in the negative.  

Are there courageous police officers that would give just about anything to be there right on the fucking spot next time and shoot the bad guy in the face?  Certainly.  But that is not everyone.  And then is the issue of response time.  No matter how much of a lion's heart an officer has, there is still the matter of getting to the scene to express that ethos.  And the good guy...let me rephrase...and the capable and courageous good guy will only be on scene by happenstance part of the time.  What happens when they are not there, or have to travel there?

Sheriff Israel said, "I gave him a gun. I gave him a badge. I gave him the training. If he didn't have the heart to go in, that's not my responsibility."  I wonder if the lack of heart was due to a lack of leadership.  I have never met Israel, but oh boy do I know that type of own-ass-covering, lick-spittle, police administrator.   So to him I say, they gave you a badge, they gave you 5,800 deputies, and they gave you a budget...and you did not stop a snot-nosed punk like Cruz?. 

Yeah is your responsibility.

LESSON 2:  You are on your own, and by extension so are your children.  By "on your own", I refer to being unprotected by the government authorities that have jurisdiction in your area.  That is a fact.  Feel free to argue if you wish, but show me that I am wrong.  Being on your own you are solely responsible for your own safety and that of your family.  You can affect that by either establishing rules that benefit you (private school policies), or ignoring the rules that create that situation.

If the school your kids go to does not have a security system in place, send them to another school.  And by "security system" I do not mean that its a prison school either. I mean the security guys are on scene and armed...and capable.  If you are the administrator of a private school, be warned, your day will come.  Don't be like that "clown sheriff" and pass on the responsibility that you know is yours.

Yes, I know...I know...the rules...the rules.  I wonder what his choice would have been if you went back in time and told Aaron Feis what his "tomorrow" would be like and you gave him the option of violating the rules and carrying a concealed weapon.  Would he have opted to die heroically - and in abidance of the rules?  Or would he have chosen to disobey them and still be a hero...but a live one that killed the shooter?  I can exhort all I want, but its a big boy choice.  If someone from the future told you that tomorrow you would be the victim of a crazy guy with a rifle at a place with a "No-Guns" sign, what would your "day after" look like?  Would you be another name on the victim list?  Would your family see a crime scene photo of you shot to pieces? 

Or would you be hailed as the guy that killed the shooter? 

Choose wisely brother because you are on your own, nobody is coming to help you in time, and as we saw, the guys hiding behind cover will probably watch you bleed out before they risk getting their oversized uniforms dirty saving you.

You are on your own.  Comport yourself accordingly.


"Do what thy manhood bids thee do, from none but self expect applause;

He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self-made laws."

- Burton