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It has almost become a cliche hasn't it? Bruce Lee's ethos of Jeet Kune Do (that is what Lee called his collective system of fighting). "Absorb What Is Useful". Sadly it has become an excuse for superficial dabbling and scanning rather than learning. After all...absorbing something only takes like what...fifteen minutes? Contrast that with the man the phrase is credited to. Lee did not give birth to himself as a martial arts icon, nor an actor. He studied a great deal. His main system - Wing Chun was a beginning, but Bruce did not dabble in that once a week. He immersed himself in it for years - longer than most casual western students would. It was the same for western fencing and bodybuilding and all the other aspects of building a combatant's body and mind that Lee studied. Contrast that with the superficial student, dabbling in something on a temporary basis, or worse, relying on a youtube clip for his training...and then exclaiming with a Lee-esque swagger that he has "absorbed" what was useful. Sorry kids...a superficial scanning of... Read more →

I have been doing this for a long time now. My teaching career began in 1977, teaching Karate at the Burbank YMCA. It was great gig for a 17 year old and it paid for gas and for the cost of dating the girl that would become my wife. I know how to teach people to do violence. I doubt there are many men on earth that have done so as long or as diversely, or as widely as I have. In fact, I am sitting at the hotel bar right how pondering the lessons from my last class here in Texas. My job as a teacher is not to stroke the student's so many do today. My job is to show them truth. If they is my job to patiently show them...but also to show them how to overcome that. Many of my students have killed bad guys. Some as private citizens...others on the payroll of city or nation. I have done this on five continents. One might say I know a few things. So this can... Read more →

Pistol Kata: Watch Your Back

This one is called “Watch Your Back” and was developed by SI Staff Instructor Brent Yamamoto. It deals with recognizing a threat behind you and quickly moving off the X. Footwork is slightly different from “Diagonal Lines”. From Brent: "I would normally put the magazine in a pocket, not back into a magazine pouch. But it’s necessary smoothly transition from one section to the next. I don’t normally carry the magazine pouch featured in the video." Read more →


So Barnetmill asked about this on Warriortalk. The concept of Kata is universal. You see it in many martial disciplines (I hate the word "art"). Here is the concept applied in a very simple and basic US Soldiers... Its a way to codify, memorize, and repeat movement patterns extensively in a memorable and dynamic manner. Doing five kicks, while moving in a kata has more application and is more interesting than simply standing there and doing five kicks. Moving on. As I said in the video...just as dry practice is not an end to itself and is training for live fire, kata are for fighting. The modern understanding of kata by the martial gymnasts is that kata is an end onto itself and exists as a gymnastic demonstration of artistic and athletic prowess. Nope...wrong. The kata as we know them today all originated in Okinawa. Anything originally taught in Okinawa, then to Japan, and then to Korea, has roots in Chinese fighting systems. I studied Kyokushin Karate, and then a couple of other systems...then a non-Taekwondo Korean system...and with... Read more →

Every so often there is a break-through in every industry. I think this concept may be that for the martially-focused gun student. We present the first in a series - Suarez Pistol Kata "Diagonal Lines". Most people have an incorrect perspective of "kata". A kata is not a gymnastics exercise to impress others or to win prizes, although one might think so watching the modern martial clowns acting it up for the crowd. Their performances have nothing at all to do with anything martial. A kata is not the ridiculous and meaningless dance routines you see at the kid's McDojo. A Kata is born in battle when a successful teacher arranges a collection of concepts that he has used against other men in a way that his students can practice them alone. A kata is a catalog of combat proven information, techniques and movement patterns distilled into its purest from in a repeatable and established pattern. Practicing them leads to internalized understanding of movement and a mindless execution of technique. This is the first kata in a series. Named Diagonal... Read more →

I'd been waiting in the hallway, squatting, for about a half hour now. My quads and knees were burning from the effort. My t-shirt and ballistic vest were soaked in sweat. I used my left hand to wipe the perspiration running down into my eyes. My right hand held my sawed-off 870 shotgun like it was made of gold. I looked around at my team. Guys I'd risked my life with on many occasions. What would happen in the next few moments, I did not know, but I could not have picked a more dependable and solid group. The original call was of a despondent man walking around the apartment building brandishing a rifle. I had just cleared briefing when the call was broadcast on the air. That's for me! I thought as I ran smiling to my police car. As I got into my Crown-Victoria, I looked over at Al. He was thinking the same thing. We lived for incidents like this. We rolled Code 3 to the location, lights and sirens, which was a short five blocks away.... Read more →


From the Killing Within The Law Course – “You can be totally wrong in your perception, but still be completely legal in your deadly force actions”. The important point is that those “perceptions” – your reality of the moment based on the information available to you at the time - must be conveyed to the investigating officers after a shooting, or the only thing the have to operate on is the reality of hindsight. Example: Officer receives a radio call of an armed robbery in progress. He responds to the scene but the suspect is gone. He proceeds to search for the suspect in the area. He sees a man that matches the description of the suspect and challenges him. The suspect turns toward the officer and reaches behind his back. The officer shoots him. The suspect was not armed, and the victims never saw a firearm, relying on the statement made by the suspect that he was armed. Reality shows the suspect is unarmed, but the officer’s perception at that moment, based on the information he had access to,... Read more →