We Live In A Time Of War!

I first used those words almost three years ago.  Today we had the twenty-second mass shooting of 2018.  And as I listened to the various commentators and political pundits on the various news stations on the drive to work, it occurred to me that not only are all of these pundits total fools, but the majority of the population have so declawed themselves as to be of no use whatsoever in an event like this. Truly they have self-selected as weaklings.

Here is a reiteration of the original - updated for 2018.

I want to talk about how you live in a time of war versus a time of peace. And you can protest all you wish that you don't want to live like that and that if you change your habits the terrorists win.  Sure, but if they crush you and your family with a truck during a parade, or capture you and cut your balls off in front of your family like they did at the Bataclan Theater, they also win don't they. And well, if they kill your kids at a school...they win as well.  So how about we set aside that passive aggressive hippy attitude and wake up to reality.

And "Terrorist" is the word I will use henceforth, whether they are motivated by an evil religion or by a mental disorder.  In truth, their motivations are irrelevant at the moment of first contact. 

In a time of Peace you can come and go as you please.  You can congregate in the street to watch fireworks and listen to music.  You can go to the theater, the parade, or to school in peace.  You don't have to worry about anything really.  Maybe the petty criminal is still a concern, but he can be easily avoided with some good common sense.  In a time of Peace you can celebrate parades, you can go into a theater or a musical performance, listen to fiery speeches on any topic, attend school, go shopping, and visit any place you wish and feel relative safety.

In a time of peace Terrorists don't kill their co-workers at Christmas parties, or Nightclubs...or military bases.  In times of peace Terrorists do not target white police officers for assassination.  In times of peace you don't have Terrorists entering a school or a church and killing as many people as they can. 

But we do not live in a time of peace...not any longer.  We live in a time of war and we have to make adjustments to the way we live.   In a time of war you have to be thoughtful about where you go.  You have to analyze whether it is a hard target or a soft target...and you have to understand the difference.  If you can, you avoid large congregations of people either in the open or in enclosed spaces. You have to sit with your back to the wall in the event one of your adversaries walk through the door to kill you and everyone else in the room.  You have to profile everyone.   In a time of Peace you can overlook someone's appearance, ethnic background, attire, and actions.  But we don't live in a time of peace any longer, we live in a time of war, and have been doing so for almost two decades, so you have to take note of these things.

In a time of war you cannot afford to relax.  You must be ever vigilant specifically of those groups that are most likely to bring the war to you.  If that sounds unfair to you, if that sounds like you're being discriminatory, if it sounds like you're not following the "American way" where everyone is equal and seen as the same, then that is exactly what you're doing.  Ask the dead in San Bernardino, and Orlando, and Parkland, and now Santa Fe, how they feel about profiling, non-egalitarian thinking, the rights of crazy people, or having access to guns for self defense. 

Oh wait, we can't.  They were killed by those whose rights America worries over daily. 

But vigilance alone is a sad an empty action without the ability to act upon that which vigilance reveals.  In a time of Peace you can leave the house with empty pockets, a smile on your face, a spring in your step and a song in your heart.  But we do not live in such times.  Today even if it is a violation of the law, a wise man will go armed. And if a man is tasked with protecting or leading others, their safety is his responsibility.

It was once said as a caveat before the carry of a weapon was suggested.  "If you can legally get a permit - if you can legally do so - you should get a permit and carry a weapon".  Today in the time of war that we live in I will say that you must carry a weapon regardless of legal standing.  It has been shown time and again that the First Responders will rarely prevent an event like this.   Let this one also burn into your mind for the reality that it is.

You Are On Your Own!

Although I have every respect for the guys rushing to the scene to kill the bad guy, hell - I was one of them some years ago - but the timing is just no there.  How many people died this year alone, at the hands of the terrorist before they were on scene?  And then there are those who won't go in to kill the bad guy out of fearful self-preservation, like in Parkland.  I only have the deepest and seething contempt for those people. 

You are on your own - leave the house prepared to do battle - every single day! Leave the house prepared to treat any injuries you may incur  - every single day!  These are the concessions that you must make in the time of war that we live today. 

We live in a time of war and we must take the necessary steps as individuals to win that war.