I invented the Glock PDW. That is a point of history. But it is not "the one true ultimate weapon created by the god of war". I find the ongoing desire to get , just the one gun, as ridiculous. Ask me what the best gun is and I will ask you what you want it for. Just as knife is not better than a spoon and a spoon not better than a fork, it depends on what you are intending to do. Thus there is, as Musashi once wrote, a time and a place for each weapon. A learned warrior selects the one best suited for what he expects to face.

So now we discuss the SMG.

(And word-nazis...I completely understand the actual SMG (submachinegun) is a selective fire weapon and these are not.  I don't care...I call assault rifles by their original German name translated into English - thus "Assault Rifles", and I call these weapons "Submachineguns".  If that offends anyone, go read another blog.  Moving on.)

Is it better than the Glock PDW? No.

Is the Glock PDW better than the SMG? No.

Ask me is anything is better than something else and I will again tell you the same answer. Define a mission and I will tell you what I would select to solve it. Mission first, weapon second. I have already written why there are plenty of times that a 9mm SMG will be a better choice than a 223.  I will add that the full size SMG has desirable attributes over a Glock PDW if concealment is not the first choice. As well, if a more general purpose application is desired.  Just as a Glock 34 is easier to shoot than a Glock 43 (albeit no to conceal), a full size SMG is easier to shoot well than a super compact version.

After having worked extensively with the UZI system some years ago, as well as having put tens of thousands of rounds through the HK MP5 system, and more recently, the AR 9mm platforms, I will say that the CZ Scorpion out distances all of them.  They all fall into the same category and deployment specialty, and thus can be compared against each other.

The UZI was the best of its breed about a decade ago, but today it is an overweight granny compared to the modern systems. It is heavy and difficult to ad a light or an optic, and the new IWI versions offers few advantages over a Glock PDW. The MP5 was a beauty in its day and I could write my name in full auto with one. But today, even the Pakistani and Turkish clones, are overly expensive and are just as difficulty to accessorize as the originals. It would not be a first choice for me, even with my history with the weapon.

The AR 9mm seems to be the focus of most of the industry. And why not...people seem to have grown tired of buying or building 5.56 versions so all the tooling can now be used to build 9mm versions. The issue with them is the design does not lend itself to use on a compact SMG. The buffer tube, a crucial part of the system, prevents a true folding system for the brace/stock.  I am well aware of the very well marketed LAW folders. However...they cannot be fired in a folded configuration and for me, knowing how SMGs are used, that is a deal breaker. As well, there are various custom one-offs that have been built here and there, but I am not interested in one-off systems with their finicky magazine, ammo, and replacement parts issues.

The AR 9mm, of any make, would not be my first choice either.


The Scorpion EVO answers many wants in an SMG. With the brace/stock folded, it is as compact as an MP5 or UMP, and far more compact than any AR 9mm, and only a little longer than an UZI. It is light and as handy as the MP5. It lends itself to individualization and addition of lights and optics (which are mandatory for a modern CQB weapon). It could benefit from a better trigger, a more MP5-esque magazine release, and a few other things (which Suarez International will no doubt be addressing soon), but the same can be said for any other SMG out there.

The magazines have received a bad rap, but honestly, unless you go out hammering nails with them, I don't see a problem. It is not an AK...but then again, neither is the AR. And the Glock 33 round mag is not the be-all-end-all magazine either. It is great for a pistol, to extend its stamina...but not a best choice for an SMG.  And the new updated magazines from CZ seem to address any weaknesses.

The grey one in the pics is mine. I added an RMR and a Surefire Scout light. I have a couple thousand rounds through it thusfar and like what I am seeing. More to follow soon in video form. 

Invariably there will be two questions.  One, what about the EVO Micro conversions and the new model coming out from CZ?  Two, what else is out there to compare to the Evo?

Answering the first question.  When the Uzi was the thing, I started out with a standard size Uzi. Later I had an opportunity to get a Mini Uzi. I still have both. The Mini was attractive...but at the end of the didn't do anything better than the bigger Uzi, and it was not as easy to work with as the larger Uzi. The MP5 was the same thing. The MP5 PDW came,out and everyone wanted one. But the actual MP5 was so much easier to use that the PDW stayed in the armory.

I see the micro conversions in the same way...alot of work to get no real advantage other than looking cool. Making the weapon more compact is not necessarily better if it sacrifices utility. And at some realize that the Glock PDW is now a valid contender again with the circumcised Scorpion because you gave up the advantage the full sized SMG gave you.  And by full size we certainly do not mean large, look at the images.  All these weapons require a bag to carry them in, not a holster.  How small does the weapon need to be?

Question number two: Honestly I think the only other competitor for the Scorpion's position is SIG MPX and the B&T. And SIG has a history of making tons of revisions on existing weapons and then discontinuing then. Recall the 556 series and the 556XI?  One day they are the showcase of the company, the next day "discontinued".  And the MPX price point is silly. Its like they are trying to compete with HK and the MP5.

B&T has a price superiority complex and I do not see their market expanding beyond the collector market.  They would need to open a factory in the USA and cut their price point in half.

I am impressed with the performance of the Scorpion EVO and I expect Suarez International to be spending some time and effort on deploying and improving the platform.