Final Police Report on Las Vegas Shooting - My Thoughts



I do have a coffee habit. It has gotten better over the years but I still enjoy a couple of cups in the morning and at least one before my workout in the afternoon. So I stopped at Starbucks. I go there for the coffee because I don't do doughnuts and I could not care less the political leanings of the CEO nor the sexual leaning of the barista that makes my special Espresso. Like I said...I go there for the coffee.

And I listen while they are making it. I look around, not only in the event a bad guy chooses that place, but also because it is what predators watchful...listen...hear and see.

No...I did not shoot a terrorist but here is an example of reading people and listening and making judgements based on what information is presented.

The lady in front of me is talking on the phone. She has a northeastern accent...perhaps NY. I look at her clothing. She is dressed well, but trying a little too hard to look "southwestern". The Cartier on her wrist tells me she has some money...and there is a mark where a ring should be. She is talking about shoes on the phone, but not in the way most women would talk about shoes. Then the word "equine" is heard. She orders a tea and moves out of cue. My turn to order.

Based on what I was presented, I created an image of what this was. She was from NY, and likely just moved here and bought a horse...likely more. Probably divorced, or a widow. And a woman of some means.

I walked over to the counter where one received their coffee and as we stood waiting I chatted her.

"Nice Cartier".

"Thank you", in a nice reply.

"You just move here or are you visiting?"

"Oh I just bought a horse ranch out here".

"Very nice. This is great horse country. You and your family will love it".

" kids are very excited".

The coffee came and the interview was over. I graded myself on my estimation as I walked to my Tahoe. Not bad...specially for before coffee.

I was discussing with Det. White this it seems that the collective ability to focus, to receive incoming information and sift through what is valuable seems to be dulled in many people. And it is that ability that will get you ahead of the game in the fight, as well as ahead of the game in the process after the fact.

Listen...take in all the information...grab on to the valuable and actionable bits. Your life may depend on it one day. And it beats checking facebook while you are waiting for your Blonde Flat White with Heavy Cream.