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This discussion arose from our article on bypassing body armor. Today what seems like armor may easily be a bomb vest. There have been several instances of bomb vests here in the USA. And in the majority of active shooter events, there are explosives involved, whether they are successfully employed or not. And Law Enforcement is taking this into consideration. Here is a communication from the Training Sergeant of a major urban police agency in Arizona: Thought you'd like to know that (at a recent active shooter training event - (1) Head shots were encouraged (2) Insurance shots were explicitly called for and (3) in a multiple opponent drill, taking no prisoners was held as a valid approach to the problem. To expand.... (1) they want the hits anywhere on meat, but if a head shot appears, do it. The training venue had the initial distances approx 50 yards, so practicalities were addressed as well (2) Role player doing the jihadist imitation with a cell phone and a pipe bomb. Your article on Turkey was exactly on point with the... Read more →

SUAREZ TRIGGER TRADE-IN There are parts on your pistol that will wear out from use, either live fire or dry fire. The two parts are the factory trigger bar and the factory striker. All trigger bars on all after-market triggers are made by Glock and are stamped not milled. We looked at milling them but that would place the price beyond the reach of the market. The tolerances on trigger bars are all over the place and we even reject some as unfit for our use. We have seen that this part will wear specifically in the area that contacts the striker. The other wear point is the leg on the factory MIM firing pin. The more contact, the safer it is...but also the longer break through the wall. The factory pin is a metal injection molded part which is a cost saving measure by Glock. If the leg of the pin wears so that contact with the trigger bar is minimal, you will have a gun that will fire when its dropped no matter what trigger is installed. The... Read more →

Today, armor is prolific and common. Armor that withstands rifle fire is also common. You don't know the quality and level of the bad guy's armor. So which is a better tactic? Break through or bypass it? In my 3 vs 1 gunfight (way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) all three bad guys were wearing armor. My default tactic of directing fire toward upper chest and face made such equipment irrelevant. And the most important point is that I was not aware they were wearing armor until later. I don't think you will be aware either. The other point is, that even if you know there is armor, do you know what sort of armor do they have and do you feel lucky enough to test it? Then there is the matter of what if what seems like armor is not really armor but explosives? So the suggested default is to assume armor is present, even if you do not see it initially. And the reality is that you will be dealing with the problem with a CCW-EDC Pistol... Read more →

After every class I sit at home with a glass of something expensive and think on the week's events. I think on what I saw, the gear people brought, and the notable trends. And with few notable exceptions I have seen some things in the past 12 months that need to be addressed. And they need to be addressed because if your goal is getting good at gun FIGHTING then these things are huge factors in you attaining your goal. 1). The lack of physical fitness in the gun world is shameful and embarrassing and indicative of a culture of self-gratification and a lack of self-discipline. One is unfit because one chooses a lifestyle that gets them there. And I am not referring to age. I have had guys and gals in the sixties and seventies in class that were lean and could move with conviction in class...and who were far more physically fit than men in their twenties attending the same class with them. Neither is it about injury. We recently had a gent and his wife in class.... Read more →


THE TARGET - Printed on a 8.5x11" sheet so the edges of the face target touch the edges of the sheet top, bottom and sides. THE DRILL - From the holster. RD/CT Pistol Qualification · 25 Yards: 3 Rounds to the body-4 seconds 2X- 6 rounds · 15 Yards: 3 Rounds to the body-3 seconds 2X-6 rounds · 10 Yards: (2 body, 1 brain)-3.5 seconds 1X- 3 rounds · 10 Yards: 3 Rounds to the face -3 seconds 1X- 3 rounds · 7 Yards: (2 body, 1 brain) -3 seconds 1X- 3 rounds · 7 Yards: 3 Rounds to the face -3 seconds 1X- 3 rounds · 5 Yards: (2 body, 1 brain)- 2.0 seconds 1X- 3 rounds · 5 Yards: 3 Rounds to the face -2.5 seconds 1X- 3 rounds · 3 Yards: (2 body, 1 brain)- 2.0 seconds 1X- 3 rounds · 3 Yards: 3 Rounds to the face -2.0 seconds 1X- 3 rounds · 10 Yards to 3 Yards-Shooting on the move-3 rounds body, 3 rounds face 2X 14 rounds total. Course is a total of 50... Read more →

Simply out of curiosity, we held a one day Double Action Pistol Training Day here in Prescott. As expected, a one day specialty deal like this didn't yield the usual twenty students with a waiting list. We had seven students with some additional staff and myself for about ten shooters. We spent a few hours tuning up the DA/SA concept. We discussed the nature of the DA and how to use it effectively. Then we worked on accuracy from 5 yards out to 100 yards. Finally we did some shooting drills my SWAT unit used as well as a few drills we learned from USMC SOTG when our unit attended their CQB school way back in the Paleolithic Era. These last were simply to show what was possible with a double action compared to the striker fired pistols most often seen today. We had mostly SIG pistols in the 226/229 variety with one Langdon Beretta, one Wilson Beretta and one HK P30L. Incidentally, we may do an article on this later. The HK P30L was a very nice pistol with... Read more →

For many, the study of gunfighting is like a religion. In religion, one has a canon and expectations that if you attend service and say the right words, you are sure to go to heaven. In the American study of gunfighting it is the same. There is a commonly accepted way to shoot, and it is confirmed by the rituals conducted on the shooting range. If you execute the ritual (dare I say) religiously, everything will work out for you. And then, if you say the right words at the right time, everything will work out well and you shall surely be saved as the prophet has promised. (At this point all will turn to the images of the prophets and bow deeply, eyes on the deck). And anything not in that canon of belief is pagan, and outlandish...beyond the pale as one writer states. But the extremists in every faith have always held back progress as progress is something they fear. They fear it because it may invalidate that which they hold so sacred. Dynamic reactive movement was that,... Read more →

Again, review the chart. The question is shooting bad guys in the back. Many in the gun community, indoctrinated by the fear-mongers and liability-centric trainers are totally averse to back shooting. And it shows. We recall the Minnesota Mal event where tha bad guy terrorist is actually advancing on the good guy back first. And the good guy is shown back pedaling, apparently hesitating to shoot him in the back, and actually falls down. Fortunately, it worked out well for the good guy. A recent question at warriortalk on the legality of back shooting created the need for this article. So lets get to it. I have shot bad guys in the back twice. One was an active shooter and the other a home invader/rapist. Both were justified. In the tactical scheme of things, the back shot will present itself, usually in one of two ways. One the bad guy will be attempting to move from one point to another, either in an attempt to flee after his crime, or gain a tactical advantage. The other is that at the... Read more →