Uncertainty Kills. That is one of those truths from the street that, being irrelevant on the shooting range, rarely gets taught to students of the gun.  Sure, there is lip service to color codes and so forth, but we address all of that in the self-image discussions don't we?  Lions need no color codes.  Here we are discussing a certainty of position and standing that clarifies the rules of combat - the rules under which you are justified in shooting another man to death - at a deep and almost cellular level.  The moment when the pistol is drawn, when the red dot is suspended on the bridge of the bad guy's nose and your trigger finger begins to feel that first poundage of take-up on the trigger is a moment when we need a deep and clear certainty of action. 

Hesitation is the mechanism by which uncertainty kills.

How can we be certain of our position and process of killing another man?  And that is what we are talking about.  After all the clever euphemisms..."stopping", "contacting", "defending from" are exhausted, at the end of the day what remains is the bleeding corpse you just created...of the man who was doing his best to do the same to you or others of value.  And understand that killing is not against the law as some would have you think.  Killing, under certain circumstances, is not only necessary, but also legal and moral.  The lack of this understanding is, I believe, the root cause and an underlying factor in many law enforcement deaths, as well as the deaths of those victims who had never come to terms with the fact that they are their own rescuers.

We eliminate uncertainty by establishing clarity.

The way we arrive at certainty is simple, and it sound silly to even say it, but say it we must.  We eliminate uncertainty by establishing clarity.  Clarity of the law.  Clarity of your legal standing.  Clarity of your role in any presented event.  And clarity of preclusions for action, as well as the lack of any.  Add to this clarity on the method, process and tempo of the subsequent police investigations.  Clarity of how to conduct yourself in manner, and speech, and in the necessary statements you must make to don the mantle of innocent victim-hood.

Flowchart of Justified Deadly Force.

Here is a start.  It is the Flowchart of Justified Deadly Force.  Take any event in the news or in your experience, and plug it into the flow.  It will tell you with a degree of - wait for it - certainty, whether deadly force is warranted and justified.  The flowchart is not a formula for committing a crime nor of "getting away with" unjustified use of force.  Rather if you study and internalize it, it will form a template for processing presented information so that you may arrive at the analyzed point of decision free of doubt, faster, with peace of mind, and the ability to act from a moral imperative.

Learn it.  Study it.  Internalize it.  Use it to process information.  When this become exactly how you think, the terrorists, the active shooters, the killer thugs, will look under the bed for people like you before they go to sleep as you will be the most serious threat to them they could ever conceive.



Next Time - The Secrets: Tactics, Working For The Shot

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