We hear it from time to time. It is a mistake, but like lies, mistakes repeated over and over, and never corrected, tend to become the perception of correctness. The issue is the idea that all training is good. It is not. Not all training is good...and not all trainers provide valuable training. The same can be said for tactics and methods of operating the weapon. "Its just another tool for the box". No...it is mental garbage that you have just injected into you mind like a junkie injects heroin. Once that trash is in the mind, it won't leave. And anything you program vis-a-vis repetition, has been installed in your program.

So no...all training is not good. Only good training is actually good. And what is that? It is what is actually useful and applicable to your daily operations. Doing a reload, for example, like the third man in a stack on a direct action team with endless support and endless supply may make the typical gun student's groin twitchy, but has absolutely zero bearing on how he should comport himself is he finds himself in a gunfight, or needs to conduct his own "direct action" against an active shooter. Program the habits of a well supported and supplied member of a team of ten...when you are not, and those habits will in fact return...and like it or not, they will cost you. All training is not good. Some training is entertainment. Some training is actually applicable. And some training is total bullshit. And you would be surprised how little of it, from the highly vetted, killed more people than texting while driving, fits in the "actually applicable" category.

Neither is every tool valuable. Overload the "toolbox" with tools and all you will get is a mish-mash of non-cohesive skills that will do nothing but confuse you. How many methods of reloading do you need? Only one, not ten. Read Hick's law again to understand why. How many draws, how many reloads, how many malfunction clearances, how many ways to clear a room, shoot from cover, move to cover, and all the myriad of things discussed to the point of seriously considering narcotics abuse on the internet? Look at the first paragraph. Not all training is worthwhile. And not all techniques are worthwhile tools. The only tools to be kept are the ones from worthwhile training.

And the objective of all worthwhile training is to allow you to kill the bad guy, as you are and as you live your life everyday, without allowing him to kill you. It is as simple as that. When the moment of truth comes nobody will give a shit how many units your teacher was a member of, nor how many movies your techniques appeared in. The only thing that will matter is your bullets smashing into and tearing up the body of the enemy that was trying to kill you. Period.

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