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These are things that have been accepted as truth because they have been said so often. The problem is that many of those repeating these things have no first hand knowledge and so they repeat what they have heard as if they knew firsthand. A myth repeated often enough becomes a widely held belief...almost a religious belief. yet, it is still a myth, and myths are not truth. Myth Number One - The presence of the gun is all you need, so have a gun. Having a gun is a good thing, but it is actually less important than your willingness to use it, your ability to use it well, and your understanding of the dynamics of the fight. The man with a gun who has no ability in its use, no understanding of the dynamics of the fight nor come to terms with using it to kill another man, will die with it still in the holster. Or worse, will over react from a fear-driven perspective. Myth Number Two - It is all about shooting skills. Very few "shooting... Read more →

I was working drills again with the Amphibian (an NP3 Stakeout with rifle sights) this afternoon before my lifting session. In my opinion, this weapon surpasses all other available platforms for the private citizen proactive weapon application. Bold statement? Well, there are proactive weapons, such as Shotguns, Rifles, SMGs and SBRs. These are not in any way defensive weapons nor reactive weapons. One must go and get them in anticipation of the fight. Or transition to them once he has regained some control over the events at hand...if they are available and the fight threat continues. So few people understand this and so they classify all firearms as defensive firearms, never knowing their true specific and special roles outside of the artificial training range. To choose a weapon one must first identify the mission. A man carrying a weapon in spite of the various signs in New York City would be foolish to select any weapon larger than a small concealable pistol as circumstances preclude it. Same for a man walking alone in bear country would be foolish to be... Read more →

Rise and rise again Until lambs become lions - Robin Hood Movie (2010) Terror is a "normal part of life" some have said. And that statement may not be inaccurate. The process usually follows in this way. "Thoughts and prayers" are posted on social media. Religious groups make a show of solidarity. Everyone holds hands, lights candles, and weeps. Then the inevitable placement of blame and dialog on prevention. Who commits such acts? Well, its no secret requiring a government funded study. It is either the purview of crazy people (the psychologists and psychiatrists will forgive me), or the work of religious/political extremists. In New Zealand, apparently its everyone's fault and most of the country will now be unarmed or criminals. Something the left in every nation seeks as one closer step to total Venezuelan-esque control. But lets take a moment and really take a serious look at prevention of such situations. Quickly the talk turns to adding police and armed guards everywhere, creating safety screenings, building tall fences and fortifying everything. All the fearful nod at this sort of... Read more →

Your claim of justified self defense...or defense of others, must fit inside the justification window. Your actions must be contemporaneous to the the assault, attack, etc. Contemporaneous means "close to" in terms of timing. So using our framework of decision-making, you can't legally justify shooting a prospective and potential attacker because you thought, one day, he might seek to harm you. Similarly, you can't justify seeking a subsequent contact with a past aggressor and claim retro-active self defense. This is a point that is so internalized for many of us who've lead a violent lifestyle that we take it for granted, but it bears repeating since so many questions have been raised recently in this theme. The case was a thread on a sexual assault suspect in a bar. At first sight I would question the judgement of going to a loud and boisterous bar where this sort of thing might happen. Having been in a couple of bar fights in my younger years, I'd rather not get into another one. But in truth, this event could happen anywhere,... Read more →

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I am not a firearms instructor. I hope I am more than that. My life does not revolve around firearms and neither does my training or teaching. My life goals and the same for my students is excellence. Excellence in family, in profession, in martial skills and anything one chooses to do. And I want to discuss how sometimes the virus of others may tend to derail those goals. And it is true…people are carriers of viruses. We know the aggressive virus that drives a team and gives it an energy and a momentum that makes amazing things happen. We also know the impossible virus promoted by those who think everything is impossible. Infected by that virus, nothing will ever get done by anyone. Here is a secret…surround yourself by those with good viruses and eliminate those from your life with negative viruses. Here we go. The Complainer – we all know one or two. They are only happy when they are telling others how they were, are presently, or are about to be, thoroughly screwed and left bleeding and... Read more →