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1. High level of marksmanship ability via Skill and Equipment 2. High level of applied tactics and concepts via proper and complete force on force indoctrination and associated disciplines 3. Complete understanding and internalizing of real world ROE via memorization and daily exercise of the Flowchart of Justified Deadly Force 4. Gentleman Warrior self-image that sets the stage for the requisite mental attitude, and simplifies action. Have those four...really have them, and any active shooter (crazy guy or jihadist) that targets anyplace you happen to be standing, is in far more danger from you, than you are from him. Read more →

I remember Venezuela when it was one of the most prosperous countries in South America. It's demise began with Chavez (an avowed anti-American communist), and it has continued on the downward spiral common for communist nations. It is likely a matter of a few weeks before the cancer of communism is removed by force of a civil war there, with a multitude of lost lives. That is always how it goes. Communism is brought in by the naive and the impressionable, as well as the lazy and the free-loaders of the world with their hate of those more clever and more hard-working than they are. It is all very interesting, the actual value of mob-democracy when the masses can all decide unanimously to bring in the mechanism of their country's own demise. It is one thing to be invaded and subjugated by an outside and unwelcomed force. But quite another to do it to yourself. We may feel sorry for the victim that is thrown off a cliff by an assailant, but what can we say of someone that jumps... Read more →