SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL WILL NOT HAVE A MEMORIAL DAY SALE We make plenty of money during the year. Memorial Day is not a day for us to focus on selling things at attractive prices...not for us. That day is for celebrating and remembering fallen brothers and sisters. For raising a glass to them, perhaps wiping away an errant tear, and for vowing to remember what they stood and died for. Until Valhalla. Read more →

What does this have to do with anything today? Because what you are seeing in St. Louis is not really about race regardless of what the media are saying. Kareem Abdul Jabbar got a couple of things right. It is about “class warfare”, and its being created and fed by the Communist Movement in America. Read more →

Companies like Glock are great. They almost get it...but not quite. Oh, sure they sell their pistols, but then again, so does Hi-Point and Kel-tec. The latest is the 19X. A Glock 17 frame with a Glock 19 slide. (Cue the Facebook orgasms of the mindless followers in three, two, one...). bear with me here. What part of the weapon is hardest to conceal - 1). The length of the slide/barrel? or 2). The frame/butt area? If you answered #2 you win the prize. That is why guys concerned about concealment will opt for a Glock 19 over a 17...or for a 26 over a 19. The slide and barrel are usually in the waistband already and well hidden. So a short slide and barrel on a large frame makes very little sense except to the engineers at Glock. Who on earth told them that was a good idea? Too bad for them, but good for the aftermarket. A Glock 19 frame with a Glock 17 slide makes far for sense to everyone except Glock. See the Guttersnipe 17... Read more →

Recently we have had a very spirited discussion here regarding the Mesa PD Dust Cover issue. Much of it I must say I drove with my article called, "YOU'RE FUCKED". But I should have known that so few people ever read anything anymore. So here are some points that we will make...numbered. THE MESA PD EVENT 1). Reading is what winners do...scanning is for fuck ups. So read before you speak...just like you listen before you reply. I would think here of all places we would be above the short attention span of the modern snowflake. 2). I killed a boatload of bad guys and tried earnestly to kill a bunch more. In fact, in one performance eval, one Sergeant said I was a "scary guy that just wanted to shoot people". I still have that...I should frame it I suppose. All of mine were armed bad guys...all justified. I say that to put the perspective forth that if shooting was my mind not necessarily by law or policy...I would have been the first one shooting. But just... Read more →


I spend an hour every day scanning my news-feeds for information pertaining to "the business". The latest was one of the various editorials on the Georgia Tech shooting. Here is a video of the event - So in a nutshell, Scott “Scout” Schultz, 21, was confronted by officers while brandishing a knife on campus. He was ordered a number of times to drop the knife by officers. We can see in the video how the 'stand-off" developed and the exchange. I suspect the exchange was not about Scout Scott's sexual ambiguity, nor about the evils of the trump administration, but rather went something like ... Police: "Drop the knife" Suspect: "No"...and a couple of steps forward taken. Police: "I mean it...drop the knife NOW!" Suspect: "No"...and a couple more steps taken. Now I will tell you something and I really don't care if some liberal snowflake that will never spend a dime with me is upset. When you face an adversary...whether you are the police or Joe Citizen, the most important person in that event is you, not the suspect.... Read more →

Like him or not, Trump is a symbol as well as a President, And that symbol's election shows that the majority are not communists, socialists, or liberals. That they want and want to hold on to the dream that is America and the opportunity it represents, and not the communist utopia of Jerry Brown and Maxine Waters and Barak Obama. And the left knows what I have said, that many Americans are historically, and likely actually, illiterate and their lives and thoughts are driven by media optics rather than truth and fact. Their hope is to ensare as many "useful idiots" into their wave of indignant rhetoric that it may stifle anything the president wants to accomplish - and hold the line until 2020. The communist is eminently more dangerous to America than a mere jihadist. I doubt that even the most melting, offended, skinny jeans wearing snowflake wants to live in REAL communism...but that is what these useful idiots are pushing for...and in this country, something some of us will never allow to happen. Read more →

Trump may be president, but America...and the world...have not changed. The Islamic Terrorists still hate us and want to kill us. The resurging Leftist Terrorists also hate us, and if given a slight chance will also kill us. In fact, we hear that they are now planning to arm themselves to promote and enforce their political agenda. And don't think this last point is far-fetched in anyway. Look up the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Black Guerrilla Family, The Weathermen, and other groups like them that operated in the 1960s and 1970s. We could do an entire article series on the "Violent Leftist Movement in America". The funny thing is that the media almost pretends that these people do not exist. It is as if if they do not acknowledge the Islam connection to terrorism...or the Liberal-Socialist connection to urban violence and riots, that somehow they don't exist...or is there another reason they refuse to say the words? But today we are here to discuss the events in Fresno, California. In a nutshell - Fresno Police report that a thirty-nine year... Read more →

Some observations I think Trump will fundamentally change the country, and for the better...for people like us. For liberals and freeloaders, life will suck like it has never sucked before. In less than ten days look at what he has done. None of this is outlandish and are things most capitalists and conservatives have all thought needed to be done. But like an unruly child being disciplined for the first time, the nation's left is going bananas. I do see him succeeding at his...our...goals even if by force because he is not overly concerned about re-election like most others have been. He is going to be there 4 years, change things, and leave...maybe. I think it is going to be great for those of us who want to make and keep money. Specially good for the gun industry as I see the HPA and several other bills passing. The government's reach into the gun business will be reduced and those forces likely repurposed. In the meantime, I would look at the tumult of the Hippy Terrorists of the 1960s...the Weathermen,... Read more →