Yes, I am happy about it just as a Jew would be happy at the demise of Hitler or Arafat. Some history... Fulgencio Batista, Castro's predecessor, was a dictator. A brutal one just as bad as any in Latin America...a region renowned for its lack of democracy. Batista was a smart man and allied himself with US business interests. And he used his position to enrich himself and oppress any opposition. Castro's revolution was not always billed as a Communist one and there were several other actions fighting Batista that were not aligned with Castro. But in the chaos of the final days of the revolution, Castro came out on top. The USA had plenty of opportunity to intervene, and Eisenhower had developed a sound plan. A puppet installed by the USA was far better than Castro. But as is so common, even today, with US foreign policy, when Kennedy inherited the presidency, he allowed the anti-Castro operation to fail and solidified Castro's hold on Cuba. JFK, IMHO, was as much responsible for Castro's lengthy rule as anything else. Think... Read more →


I confess that in the last few days I have had a burning anger in my heart over what happened. I am long gone from the profession but I still teach those guys and what I am going to write here is going to be controversial as hell. Some will say "its too soon". Look...I have my people out in harm's way is never too soon and we discuss this not to castigate a man, but to point out what happened...and most important...why I think it happened. Watch the video, then watch it again and again. I read a confidential debrief on the Terrorist Micah Johnson. And yes, that is what these BLM-motivated killers are. A criminal is a robber, or a rapist. Guys like this along with Mateen and Farooq and their like are Terrorists. In any case, while he did some marksmanship work none of his shots were anything remarkable. It is being speculated by "officials" that what Johnson had spent most of his time on was MilSim. MilSim is a martial version of Paintball. In essence...force... Read more →

The Orlando Jihad Murders are proving to be another pivotal event for the American people. We see the legislature blaming aspirin for headaches, we see Obama telling everyone that the killers don't really want to kill anyone and that it was the gun's fault, and the usual crocodile tears while searching for a band aid by the Eloi of America. I find it ridiculous, but I don't laugh about it anymore than we laugh at the same joke told for the tenth time. After the comic element wears off it is simply tiring, predictable, and annoying. An Islamic Terrorist, inspired by a Terror organization motivated around religious goals and facilitated by Obama's policies, murdered 50 unarmed people. Anymore elaboration on this is simply irrelevant. I believe completely that today every man and woman is a potential counter terrorist. And since do not know who the terrorist is, or when they might strike, prudence demands that we take a war footing in America. Nobody will come to help us in time so we must accept that we are our only real... Read more →

1). We know who did it - a muslim terrorist Omar Mateen, 29, appeared to be a follower of ISIS propaganda and referenced the Tsarnaev brothers, who carried out the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013, at the scene, sources said. 2). We know the target. And before anyone else says anything off color, let point out that I will not allow such posts here. Just so we are clear on this - I have met homosexuals that were as hard working and capitalist as anyone else. As well I have met "believers" that have been neerdowell thieves and charlatans. If someone says, "Hey that guy is a homosexual", I will shrug and ask, "Yeah, but does he pay his own way and stay out of everyone else's business?" I really do judge people now on that and not on anything else. How we learn. 3). Target - another presumably soft and unarmed target. At last count a fairly good score 50 dead and 53 injured. death toll expected to increase. "The attack, which claimed at least 50 lives, is considered... Read more →

I don't normally post links to blogs, but this one created a good amount of discussion at my forum - Warriortalk. I found this on good friend Michael Bane's Facebook page. Read it and tell me what you think the message is. My perspective is below - I think there are some truths there, but they are endemic to modern America and can be seen anywhere one looks. I think the biggest issue however is that most instructors have not developed past the basic level themselves. Not only that but are woefully unfit physically. How the hell are you going to teach fighting (which is ostensibly what we are studying with the firearm) when you are so overweight you can't get up out of your chair without someone helping you? Moreover, all sciences develop. Nothing is ever frozen in time. And while what worked in 1976 will still work, there are a myriad of things that work far better today. All of these instructors bemoaning the internet and plastic guns and optics on handguns should ask themselves if they... Read more →

On my forum are several threads discussing the underlying theme and intentions of the liberals. I posted this AM and the short response turned into quite an essay. Having lived in communism (which is liberalism without a tie) I can speak with some authority and knowledge. The sad fact is most Americans are totally ignorant of anything "not American". That includes culture, customs, languages, and political systems. In Europe it is rare to see someone that only speaks on, it is common, as just one example. So if you tell them that liberalism is communism, they think, "No, communism is a Russian thing and it died at the end of the Cold War". If they studied world affairs and history, they would realize that while Communism may have been conceived and birthed in Russia, it is an international ideology, and hardly dead. But Americans are so in love with the idea of democracy that they, not only don't want to hear such things, but fight wars in order to infect every land they visit with that political virus. The... Read more →

On Cuba

My last memory of Cuba was on an American jet looking out at the island we were “leaving forever”. The sounds that accompanied that visage were those of my mother weeping and my father telling her we would be back in no time. That was in 1967…a long before many of those who brought Jimmy Carter II to power - not once but twice – were even born. Quite a story that I may tell one day when I am old and not caring about what anyone thinks. Americans would be embarrassed at how naive they are about the world and how it affects them. We hear about the Korean nutball, and then the news anchors will drone on about Putin (even if he is three times the man the POTUS is). But we don’t hear about Cuba or about Castro. It is almost as if it was a huge embarrassment for America…(insert images of JFK abandoning those he promised to support at Playa Giron – as Cubans would say – Covarde!). Iraq will invariably become the same I expect.... Read more →


FREEDOM FROM FREEDOM I wrote a while back that what many people...most in fact, specially here in the USA wanted, was freedom from responsibility and from duty. Freedom means that nobody will tell you or compell you to do anything, but at the same time, if you fail, nobody will come to help you. That is the last thing most Americans want...regardless of how often they use the word. In other words when they speak of "freedom" they were not referring to the same thing many of us would think. What they meant, and what they want is "freedom from freedom itself". And now we see the same thing happen right before our eyes in Scotland. So the next time you hear the word "freedom" used by anyone, understand that like the word "gay", it probably doesn't mean what you think it does. Scotland Votes ‘No’ Related articles Scotland vote: What happens next? Scotland rejects independence in referendum Scotland Bows Before England, Votes "No" To Freedom 'Scots to lose in freedom' Read more →