Jeff Cooper once said, "The Rifle is the Queen of Weapons". This was of course in reference to the chess piece that can do anything well, and to the surpassing of all other pieces. And it is in that vein that I try and make my rifle program a complete presentation of the rifle and not simply a "long range" school, or a "CQB" school. Rather we wish to address everything that a rifle can do. And incidentally, I do not go along with the notion that a 308 is a rifle and a 223 is a carbine. All my rifles are rifles...regardless of caliber. And since my focus in studying the rifle is from an anti-personnel point of view, all my rifles are assault rifles...as much as that may annoy the liberals and frustrate the gun apologists. Unlike the pistol or the shotgun (sort of), the rifle is not a defensive weapon. The rifle is for attack and assault. It exists to allow the user to project force and enforce his will on his adversaries. Hardly the "sporting artifact"... Read more →

See the series of images. 1). Cheekweld...no need for shoulder pocket. Note on the Knights SR-15 I have removed the stock and I am only using the buffer tube to illustrate to the class how this is used. 2). Drive it out like an MP5. Notice my support side arm is nearly straight, like I was muzzle striking the target. The firing side hand has some rear tension on it, but not overwhelmingly so. 3). See around and not through the scope. Notice I have the scope caps closed, again for illustration during a training demonstration. Keep both eyes open and look at the target. 4). Use visual Index Points. Top Turret on the 3x10 works great. Related articles Floating the Support Hand The M4 Pistol Pdw Read more →

In discussing shotguns - 1) All weapons are "special niche weapons". Some niches simply cover more things. And some of these weapons, ridiculous as it seems, are acceptable in areas where others are not. For example...an M4 Pistol is untenable in California unless it has that silly bullet button, a muzzle break, and a ten round magazine. But an 18" pistol gripped shotgun is perfectly legal. 2). Attempting to compare weapons against each other (ie. what is better...a shotgun or a rifle) is silly as each has its virtues and shines in it's special niche. Doing so is like comparing a Corvette with a Tahoe. They are both Chevys but from purpose, design and execution, they are worlds apart. 3). If the shotgun is in evidence as a study weapon...meaning you do not use it for anything other than sport (with their rules), or for simply getting through a shotgun training session now and then, then it can be left as is with no additions or changes. However, if that weapon is to be relied on, it should be optimized.... Read more →

ULTIMATE COMBAT RIFLE CAMP October 14-16, 2016 Phoenix, Arizona Instructor: Gabe Suarez The Ultimate Rifle Training Session In America This three day class has it all. We begin by quickly honing rifle fundamentals with precision shooting and simple stress proof gun-handling. We will extend your abilities at the mid ranges of rifle use, firing from field positions and from natural terrain. You will study and learn Proactive Close Quarters Battle, snap shooting head shots at speed as you assault a threat. You will also work on the other side of the problem, when you do not have the initiative, firing from either the right or left side in Reactive Close Quarters Battle. You will learn how to hit with perfect fundamentals as well as when the fundamentals are not available and you must use some form of point shooting. There is a great deal of moving in this class and you will be shooting as you sprint off the X in the reactive gun-fighting exercises. You will be introduced to Small Unit Team Tactics and move together through various drills... Read more →

The sky above us foretold of the coming rain, and as often happens here, the surrounding woods, thick as in a primordial world, seemed to grow darker by the minute. They are the kind of woods Tolkien would have written about and that make you wish for a big sack of bread crumbs. If one was prone to a loose imagination, he would consider that there were quiet watchful eyes in those woods, even today, noticing everything and rarely making a sound. We had just finished training. The students had left a great deal of fired cases on the ground, and unlike in the worrisome west, nobody stresses about their effect on the environment. With huge bunkers of Cold War ammo available, the thought of reloading to them is as foreign to them as the creature in Alien. They lay where they fell. This is Czech Republic, a free country, and we are training on an old secret Soviet base. According to the townspeople, there are many unmarked graves in these woods belonging to people who walked too close, strayed... Read more →

When we look at the deployment of a rifle, we need to understand that rifle work is not limited to CQB. The rifle is a weapon that can be used from zero distance to the limit of its intended use, which for the assault rifle is approximately to 300 meters. Training beyond 100 yards/meters is difficult for a number of reasons. Most ranges are limited to 100 yards and few people ever get the opportunity to really stretch their rifle's legs farther than that. As well, few people have the opportunity to shoot in the field on a regular basis. Thus the focus is CQB, almost to the exclusion of other distance intervals. I believe this is a mistake,as students thus trained only get a part of the full picture. In this article we will be discussing a concept that we have taught for many years, and that is the "Floating Support Hand". Specifically the idea is that the support hand (alternatively called the "reaction hand", the "left hand", or by cave dwellers - the "weak hand") should not be... Read more →

Continuing with our discussions on optimizing the shotgun, let us discuss ammo. While any and all firearms can be used for hunting that is irrelevant insofar as this discussion goes. That the shotgun can be used for shooting bunnies and birds has nothing to do with its anti-personnel use. One of the prevailing myths with this weapon is that it is versatile due to the variety in ammunition. With respect to the nature of the discussion, that is false. It is not versatile at all and quite specialized…because of the ammunition and its limits. With regards to the operator and the weapon in particular, careful selection of ammunition can make a slightly built shooter quite dangerous with an otherwise ungainly weapon. We really only have three types of ammo pertinent to the study; Bird Shot, Buck Shot and Slugs. Breaching and Less Than Lethal rounds are interesting, but as valuable as signaling flare rounds for what we are addressing. In my opinion, the only viable uses for Bird Shot are for economical training, and for fighting off home invaders in... Read more →