Here is a crazy video.  It illustrates what men are capable of doing, and that sometimes one should reconsider their course of action.  This happened in Costa Rica.  A woman arrived complaining that the bread she bought was old and dried out.  She later returned with her husband, who had likely been worked up by the wife.  He was clearly quite angry.  The man began yelling insults at the baker.  At one point the baker’s son steps up to defend his father.  At a certain point you will see in the video, the man leaves the argument to go to his car.  He immediately returns with a shotgun.  The shotgun is one we saw a great deal in Central America, a pistol gripped shotgun of some sort.  Likely a Mossberg or Winchester.   I didn't quite catch the audio, but the son appears to taunt the armed man to shoot him.  Well...sometimes you get your request granted.

Learning points -

1).  Sometimes it is impossible to calm down a situation.  It is importnat to have the escalation switch at hand and be ready to go to violence before the other side.  Sometimes it is important to act first rather than react.  Preemption is better than reaction.

2).  The moment the man returned from the vehicle with the shotgun, before he was able to load a round or point it at anyone, he should have been shot dead.  He was showing a desire and inclination to escalate.  Better if we arrive there first. 

3).  Costa Rica has a defacto second amendment and ownership of firearms is common albeit somewhat expensive.  If you are armed in that instance, draw and kill the driver the instant you see the weapon being deployed.  That is my recommendation.  Not being armed, and facing an angry man with a shotgun, over bread?  Give him a refund and call it good.  The old saying that you cannot argue with a shotgun is true.

By the is not safe for children, snowflakes, or lotiony handed liberal men.