In my educated and extremely experienced opinion, a braced Stakeout/Tac-14 is the epitome of the 12 ga weapon system. There is very little an 18" barrelled and stocked 870 will do, if anything, that this weapon concept will not do just as well. And I will put up a "braced" Tac-14 up against any SBS as well. We offer three levels of Stabilizing Brace from a basic and "affordable" kit, to the best of the best, the Folding Brace. Lets look at all of them. SUAREZ TAC-14 BASIC BRACE KIT - $124.99 This is a value-priced, entry level kit. It is an arm brace and not a stock and therefore legal anywhere a Tac-14 is legal (verify local laws). Kit includes an Ergo Grip Adapter, a pistol receiver extension, an AR-15 Pistol Grip, and a Shockwave Blade Arm Brace. A castle nut is not included since the receiver extension tubes is not required to be timed. Easily installed on a Tac-14 by the end user. Check all local laws before installing. Pistol Receiver Extension Ergo Polymer Grip Adapter AR-15 Pistol... Read more →

THE "UKE BAG" FOR REMINGTON TAC-14 Many of our customers have asked for a way to carry this weapon to and from their intended destination without attracting attention. This is the best solution. 27" x 8" x 3", it is long enough to accommodate a Tac-14 or Stakeout with or without an Arm Brace. The light padding protects the weapon as well as diffuses the appearance of the contents. Will also work splendidly for Mossberg Shockwaves and any other weapon of similar dimensions. Includes exteriro pocket to carry your Black Nylon Light Padding Carry Handles and Straps BUY IT HERE Read more →

SUAREZ TAC-14 FOLDING ARM BRACE SYSTEM The short "non-shotgun" weapons have revitalized the shotgun world and allowed these weapons to become a viable modern self-defense, close quarters choice. And the advent of the "Arm Brace" has combined with it to form a truly spectacular, adaptable, and modern weapon. Now we bring the next evolution of this concept, the Suarez Tac-14 Folding Arm Brace System. Most folding braces on the market were designed for light recoiling weapons, or made overseas from plastic components. They are weak and will inevitably break due to the plastic construction and insufficiently robust hinge mechanism. The power of the 12 gauge and 20 gauge demands a much more robust hinge system at its heart and that is what we make the center of this kit. Along with a robust, steel, made in America hinge and adapter system, we include an SB Tactical SOB Arm Brace, a Magpul MOE Grip and all the hardware necessary to turn your Tac-14 into the ultimate close quarters weapon. Included Robust Steel Folding Adapter Textured Modified Magpul MOE Grip SB Tactical... Read more →

We have reworked our packages for the Tac-14 870s. We made most things options so you can customize as you wish, from minimal to complete system. We have several weapons that can be bought complete to you, or we can customize your existing Tac-14. Custom Tac-14s begin at $799.99 and packages built on your Tac-14 begin at $459.99. We have the original Stakeout, the Amphibian in all NP3, The Pointman which comes with an "Arm Brace" affixed and the new "Tomahawk" built on the 20 Ga version of the Tac-14. We will have a package available for the Mossberg Shockwave in a few weeks as well for those who wish to optimize their Shockwaves. This is a very solid and useful weapon concept, and with the refinements we offer, it will exceed anything thought possible with a weapon of its kind. Follow these links for more information - Complete Custom Tac-14 Stakeouts and Amphibians Stakeout and Amphibian Packages on your Tac-14 BUY A STAKEOUT, OR AMPHIBIAN IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS AND GET A FREE MAGPUL MS1 SLING Read more →