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CZ P-10 TRIFECTA - TRIGGER, FIRING PIN, RECOIL GUIDE ROD The perfect trio for your CZ P-10 BUY IT WHILE SUPPLIES LAST - $49.99 TRIGGER Face Shooter Trigger Shoe - 6061 Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum Trigger Safety - 6061 Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum All components Black Hard Anodized Type III Designed for the CZ P-10 Pistol This is a trigger Shoe Only and does not include the Trigger Bar Installation must be by a qualified gunsmith FIRING PIN 50% lighter than factory part Made from American billet tool steel (Not MIM or Ti) Hardened for strength Corrosion resistant Black Melonite Finished Reduces time to ignition Improved accuracy GUIDE ROD Made from 4140 hardened steel with a Melonite finish Enhanced reliability, accuracy and durability in extreme and harsh conditions Faster shot to shot recovery and smoother slide cycling Gabriel Suarez Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995 Suarez International USA Headquarters Read more →

I have been around a long time. In fact, I bought my first pistol when the majority of the Youtube Commandos were still swimming around in their father's nutsack. I have seen many trends and new things come and go, and I have the apparently rare perspective in this "industry" of knowing what killing an armed enemy up close is like. In short, the ability to repeatedly hit him in vital areas hard and - did I say repeatedly - repeatedly, is important. The needs for killing the man that wants to kill you, before you yourself are killed trumps policy, tradition, ideas of propriety, and anything else. This industry is often resistant to technology. We see the old instructor (usually younger than me) pat his belly and announce, "all ya gotta do is train more and watch yer sights", as if he was such a deadly man-killer dropping a diamond of hearsay wisdom. "Its the indian and not the arrow son". Well, here is the reality. An open minded indian of means will not make do with an antiquated... Read more →

The old saying, "A picture is worth 1000 words" was as true the day the old sage spoke it in the Chinese temple as it is today. So take a moment and look at all these images. They are a collection of Islamic Terrorists in the process of murdering innocents in futherance of their political, ideological and religious aims. We did not have readily available images of Mateen or Farooq, but if we did, they would look very much like these guys. What are they armed with? Rifles. And look at the last image. That belongs to the CT Operators who eliminated one of the terrorists in Paris. Look at the shield they are using. Do you the impacts on the Bataclan Shield? What made those and why were they deploying a shield of that nature? The bad guys were armed with rifles. Now, I would like you to set aside ideas about fairness, the American way of things, and the way things ought to be and look for a moment with me at reality...they way things really are, and... Read more →

We made our own pins after our good friend and CT operator showed us a Glock factory pin with a broken tip. I still have that pin as an example of what a MIM pin will eventually do. But the tip is not the only thing that will wear. The base, or leg of the pin is a crucial matter as well. When that part wears, contact with the trigger bar will be diminished to the point the pistol becomes unsafe. The first time I saw this happen was on a student's Glock 19 in Texas. Using all factory parts, the old twenty-five cent trigger job gave him a Glock that emptied the magazine in one trigger press. A perusal of the internals revealed minimal contact between bar and striker. Glock does not give a timetable of parts replacement, but they should. Just like the oil should be changed every 4000 miles and the tires changed periodically on your car, there should be some periodic checks and parts replacement on your striker fired pistol. Nothing lasts forever no matter what... Read more →

TO FIGHT TO YOUR RIFLE? We have all heard it.... "You carry a pistol to fight to your rifle" Valid statement or silly range-based nonsense? How arrive at your answer? Look at your day-to-day travels. Where is your rifle? For most it is at home in a safe...or at best, secured in the vehicle. How close is the rifle from you at any given time? The answer may vary depending on these points - 1). The presence and proximity of the rifle 2). Your location in relation to #1 For the vast majority of non-uniformed personnel, off duty or CCW personnel, it is a silly statement that should be forgotten. Not only will the fight be over (perhaps with you dead) by the time you go and get a rifle, but the mind set places you in defensive retreating mode from the outset. Not only this, but if you are a CCW, non-uniformed shooter, the visual impact of a rifle may well get you misidentified by responding police officers. A better solution that makes sense for our times? Carry a... Read more →

It was day one of a Sniper Course and I was teaching the Prone Position, first on the right and subsequently on the left. After explaining the details and cue points, I dropped down behind my custom Recce Rifle and placed my cheek on the stock, looking through my Leupold TMR scope. "They never quit", I thought. Our staff, like any group of tightly knit military and police veterans tend to rib each other constantly. It is all in fun and when it needs to get serious, none are better. But the finger print smudges on my scope...they could only be the work of "The Hyena". I'd get him back later when he wasn't looking. Then I switched to my left side and I realized the problem was not the scope, but my eye. I'd never noticed it before but I was beginning to grow a cataract. That was 2015 and it was very slight. It didn't affect my shooting or my back country work, so I left it alone. But this last year it had become more noticeable. I... Read more →

Ever since Glock made its debut into the LE world back in the late 1980s, there has been a quest to "perfect" its trigger. In truth, compared to many of the triggers on police pistols at the time, the Glock trigger was a huge advancement. But boy's being boys, the tinkering began. The quest seemed to take the path of making the triggers as light, and with as minimal take-up, as possible. Then with a good amount of judicious polishing, the officer ended up with a completely unsafe pistol, albeit with a wondrous trigger. And of course, since every Glock owner fancies himself a qualified gunsmith the moment they sign that 4473, the quest caught like chicken pox at a public school. TRIGGER MECHANICS - THE FEEL Now can have a great trigger that is quite safe on a Glock, but you must accept that it will never have a trigger like a tuned 1911 or a single action revolver. But lets define the components parts of the trigger so you understand what is possible with a great Glock... Read more →

In my last article on Adding A Laser To Your Pistol, I wrote the following - "What about a light? My position, based on over a half dozen urban gunfights in darkened environments is that it depends on application. For police duty use, or SWAT applications, yes...without a doubt. Those are proactive events typified by - "I am going to the fight on purpose" applications. But for UC/OD/CCW work (under-cover, off-duty, concealed-carry), I prefer to not have a weapon mounted light. A separate hand held light will be far more useful in the second application than a weapon mounted light. I am certain the Lumen-Mongers will attack me shortly but that is my position on the matter.' The points of discussion are these - First - Who has the initiative in the fight. This is an aspect that the gun world at large seems not to grasp, but it is a determining factor in tactics used as well as weapons selected. Are you specifically going to that fight, on purpose, with several team mates to execute a pre-planned event? If... Read more →